flagFounded: 1979

businessOwned by: ASX Listed

monetization_onFunded by: Retail deposits and wholesale capital markets

securityLMI Provider: QBE LMI

account_balanceLender type: Bank, Non-major

Up until 2015, Auswide Bank was trading as Wide Bay Australia and was primarily focused on the Queensland market around its headquarters in Bundaberg.

Since changing their name and management, they’ve focused more on using mortgage brokers to reach borrowers all over Australia.

Auswide Bank has been around for over fifty years and provides an extensive range of personal and business banking products and services.

They’ve still got the personal service of a small bank but with their plans to expand they’re offering some incredible price discounts to entice people to choose Auswide for their home loan.

How do Auswide’s home loans compare?



What home loans’ types do they have?

Auswide has a range of loans from their Home Loan Plus, Freedom Package and Line of Credit Loans. However it’s their fixed rate loans that have been most popular in recent times due to a range of specials for 3 year and 5 year fixed rate loans.

They don’t offer low doc loans or other speciality loan types, their focus is mostly on home buyers and to a lesser extent property investors.

RBA Rate Tracker Home Loan

In October 2016, Auswide released its RBA Rate Tracker Home Loan as a way to compete with the major banks on variable rates.

As the name suggests, the interest rate on the mortgage will move up or down by the same percentage as movements in the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) rate.

The interest itself isn’t the RBA rate though.

There is a fixed margin on the rate meaning that if the RBA rate were to fall to 0 then you will continue to pay the fixed margin.

The RBA rate tracker applies to new owner-occupied home loans of $150,000 or more for purchase or refinance at a maximum lend of 80% LVR.

You’ll need to have a transaction account held with the bank but the loan comes with a redraw facility and allow you to make additional repayments.

There is a low, upfront establishment fee of $300 and no ongoing monthly service fee.

Tips for applying with Auswide

Any bank that plans to expand rapidly is going to face challenges as it grows. Auswide is no exception.

Since they are offering special interest rates that are only available for a short time, they tend to have big fluctuations in the number of customers applying for a home loan.

What that means for you is that sometimes it may take a little longer to get approved, and you may have some hiccups such as delays or requests for documents that they don’t actually need.

Use Auswide Bank’s home loan application form to prepare for your home loan application.

Note: This is the latest application form as of December 2020. Please refer to Auswide Bank for their most up-to-date document requirements.

Are Auswide safe to borrow from?

Since the stricter lending rules after the GFC in 2007, the introduction of credit licensing in 2010 and higher capital requirements for banks in 2013 to 2016 all banks in Australia are safe to borrow from.

Auswide is a stable bank that has a large deposit base which it can use to fund its home loans. There’s very little risk to you as a borrower.

Auswide client story

Alexey, QLD


To refinance a home where one borrower was not an owner.


Two people on the home loan with only one on the property title.


Alexey cared for his mother part-time and lived in her home. His mother was unable to work yet still had a mortgage on her property.

Alexey wanted to add himself to her home loan and assist with the mortgage repayments but her bank said no as he was not an owner of the property so had ‘no benefit’.


After approaching several lenders, he found that most wouldn’t consider adding someone as a borrower unless they were the spouse of the property owner.

We spoke to Auswide (then known as Widebay Australia) and they said that Alexey had a benefit as he lived in the home and would eventually inherit it.

They approved the home loan and even gave Alexey and his mother a lower interest rate than the one she was paying on her mortgage.

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