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  • Jackie

    Hi, do you have an article on the recent rate cut that dropped the official cash rate to 1.5% and how this can affect bank rates?

  • Hi Jackie,

    Here’s the article with all you need to know regarding the impact of the recent official cash rate cut:

  • dutton

    Do you have a things-to-do list or a bunch of tips for before we apply for a home loan so we can get by the process more easily when we actually do?

  • Hello dutton, we have a page on preparing to apply for a loan where we’ve collected some great info about this, mainly through experience on dealing with our numerous clients over the years. You can check it out here:

  • Cropper

    Hello. I want to borrow 85% LVR to buy a 12-bedroom boarding house and also refinance an existing mortgage to release home as security. Can you help?

  • Hi Cropper,

    Unfortunately, this is not going to happen as for a boarding house such as that, it’s likely that you’ll get a max LVR of 60% to 70% with a commercial loan. If you want to discuss this with one of our mortgage brokers then please call us on 1300 889 743.