How to get a home loan if you’re over 50

Did you know that many banks have lending policies that restrict the borrowing capacity of mature borrowers?

The secret to getting approved is to apply with a lender that has flexible policies.

Following these three golden tips if you’re 50 years or older:

  • You must have a defined exit strategy (see below – exit strategy).
  • You must repay the loan prior to retirement (see below – retirement rule).
  • You should apply with a lender that understands and accepts mature age borrowers.

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How can you get your home loan approved?

Did you know some of our banks will allow you to borrow even if you’re over 50 yrs old?

If you can demonstrate an ability to repay the loan before you’re 75 years old, they will consider your application no matter your age!

For example, if you needed to borrow $300,000 and were 50 years old, the standard 30-year mortgage term could be reduced to 25 years and your loan would be approved.

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Applying for a home loan over the age of 65

If you’re still earning an income from shares, a business, rent or if you’re still working, you may be able to get approved.

However, we’ll need to show the lender that your income is ongoing.

If you’re still working, we may need to prove that you can continue to work until the home loan is repaid.

If you’ve already retired and have no ongoing income, you may be able to apply for seniors equity release.

This type of loan is designed for elderly borrowers who have significant equity in their home.

No repayments are required and the interest capitalises until the property is sold.

Because there’s no requirement to repay, you don’t need to comply with the retirement age policy or prove your income.

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Retirement age rules

Different banks have different policies for borrowers that are nearing the age of retirement:

  • 35 years old: Lenders will consider your profession and likely retirement age and they may shorten your loan term.
  • 45 years old: You may be required to show superannuation statements or demonstrate that you have an exit strategy in place to repay the loan when you retire. This is particularly true if you’re retiring within the loan term.
  • 50 years old: Most lenders will allow you to borrow but some may decline your application due to your age.
  • 55 years old: Almost all lenders will require a written exit strategy, evidence of your superannuation and other assets that can be sold to repay the proposed debt.
  • 60 years old: Most banks are likely to decline your application due to your age. However, if you’ve got a continuing source of income past retirement, or have assets you can sell to help repay the loan, then your loan may be approved.
  • You will be over 75 before the end of the loan term: You will require an exit strategy.
  • 65 / 75 / 80 years old: You’ll only be able to borrow money with either a seniors equity loan (reverse mortgage) or with a standard loan, if you can prove an ongoing post-retirement income.

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More often than not, we can find a lender that will accept your situation just by building a strong case with good evidence.

Bank policies for older borrowers

Banks require proof that you can repay the loan without hardship.

If the loan term extends past your likely retirement age, then the bank has not met their responsible lending obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP).

However, the NCCP Act is open to interpretation!

For this reason, each bank has their own requirements and rules for older borrowers.

Many of the common policies include:

  • If your owner occupied property (home) is the sole security for the mortgage, you must provide a written exit strategy.
  • Downsizing to a smaller home is not an exit strategy that is accepted by most lenders.
  • If no exit strategy is provided then the loan term must not exceed the expected age of retirement.
  • The accepted retirement age varies between lenders, from 65 to 75 years of age.
  • Many lenders will not approve a loan for someone over a particular age, particularly if you’re over the age of 60.

Your mortgage exit strategy

The exit strategy that you provide to the lender can vary depending on your asset position, income and retirement plans.

Common strategies include:

  • Downsizing to a smaller home when you reach retirement (not accepted by all lenders).
  • The sale of assets such as an investment property or shares.
  • Lump sum repayments from superannuation.
  • Ongoing income from superannuation.

Check out the exit strategy page for an investment exit strategy example.

Retirement age and property in Australia

A January 2017 survey by Roy Morgan found that the average of Australians intending to retire is 61 years, up from 58 in January 2014.

Much of this has been driven by changes to pension eligibility and superannuation rules.

In a time of high cost of living and economic uncertainty, many Australians are forced to work longer.

This is despite the fact that the average gross wealth of those intending to retirement in the next 12 months at $286,000, up from $276,000 in 2014.

These figures includes superannuation but exclude equity in an owner-occupied property.

Most interestingly, superannuation accounts for around 62.9% of gross wealth, up from 57.6%.

The great news if you own an owner-occupied property is that they tend to hold much more value compared to retirement savings.

In addition, equity from your home doesn’t impact the age pension asset test.

The strength of the Australian real estate market is helping to fund retirement!

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  • Alistair Bell

    I’m 47 years old and own a business. I also have significant investment in shares and now I want to invest in the new apartments of Gold Coast. Can I get a home loan for the full term of 30 years or will the banks shorten the loan term due to my age?

  • Hi Alistair,

    If you have a good thorough plan on how you are looking to make your repayments after you retire, there are lenders who may provide you a 30 year loan as well.

  • Judy Fagan

    I have heard that if you are over 50 years of age, you can access part of your superannuation for a home loan deposit. Is this correct and if so, how much can you access?

  • Hi Judy,

    You’d need to check with a financial planner about this as it isn’t our area. I could be wrong but I believe you need to be older than 50, it may be 60 or 65.

    Please be aware that banks have a requirement from APRA to ensure that you can pay off your loan before you retire. Each assesses this in a different way so some will approve your loan if you can prove that you can downsize, pay the loan out using super or sell an investment property to pay off the loan when you retire. Otherwise the loan term will need to be shortened to make sure that by retirement you are debt free.

  • Selleck

    I’m over 40 and I want to get a home loan so what’s the best exit strategy to help me get approval?

  • Hey Selleck,

    There’s actually no such thing as the best strategy but you can aim to have the best mortgage exit strategy that suits you the most and still acceptable to the lender. Lenders commonly accept strategies that include reducing the loan term, downsizing the property and using your super fund. You can check out our exit strategy in mortgages page to find out more:

  • chak

    I was thinking of going for a retirement mortgage but seems it would be better if I can have my son primarily on the loan. He’s got a good income too. Can I speak with one of you about this?

  • Hi there, you can simply call 1300 889 743 to speak with one of our credit specialists about your options and if you can qualify for a home loan. If it’s more convenient, you can also simply enquire online and one of us will contact you instead:

  • Momoa

    Hi, do you have a calculator that I can use to work out my borrowing power and also my dad’s borrowing power for some research purposes?

  • Yes, you can try out our serviceability calculator to find out how much you can borrow. The instructions on how to use it as well as other additional info are on the page itself:

  • Sasha

    Hi, my mum is 71, doesn’t gave any properties, doesn’t have super in Australia. She’s getting pension of $1016 gross weekly.
    She’s got carv of value of $25,000 and term deposit of $30,000.
    I have property that i cannot sell yet.
    Can my mum purchase any property at all?
    Thank you

  • Hi Sasha,
    Unfortunately no she wouldn’t qualify for a loan.

  • Sasha

    Thank you!

  • maniK

    You have no chance of getting a loan if you are over 55 and you have no other properties. This whole market is geared to investment propeties. It’s all bullshit. Forget it. They don’t give a shit.
    It’s funny. They say your a pensioner at 55 yet they expect you to work your ass off till your 67…fucking capitalist cunts. fuck you all.

  • Debbie Pieper

    I’m 52, female medically retired and receiving a TPD super pension of $1000 per month. Disability Pension
    $877 per fortnight. Currently have a home loan but would like to find a cheaper one and possibly borrow enough to finish renovations. Have already put $60,000 into upgrading house so value of home has now increased. Which lenders are best to deal with.

  • Vicki Cartwright

    Hi, I have $14,000 in super, own my own car and would like to buy a house at $150.000.
    I’m not working at the moment and are 55.
    What are my chances of getting a loan

  • Helms

    Hello. I own a property valued at $540,000 on which I still owe $300,000 to the bank. I am currently on centrelink payments so I want to know if I can get a reverse mortgage or not.

  • Hi Helms,
    You will not be able to qualify for a reverse mortgage because there you do not hold enough equity in the property. You can discuss with a professional financial adviser for solutions such as selling the house or perhaps leasing out rooms in the house for additional money.

  • barrett bookey

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  • Shaz

    Hi, l am 56 and own my own home valve $400,000, I am unable to work due to a car accident and my superannuation has been turned into a TPI pension which is a very low income, I will qualify for a part DSP next year as per compensation rules and will have a reasonable amount to live on, but the next 8 months is virtually unsurvivable financially. Is there any way I can access the equity in my home as a reverse mortgage. I was told I am to young. Thank you

  • Hi Shaz
    Unfortunately you wouldn’t qualify for a reverse mortgage with any lender due to your age. You can only borrow based on your current income which it sounds like isn’t sufficient. I wish we could help but unfortunately we can’t.

  • Maree Furniss

    Hi I am 57 and refinancing my home loan from a bank to a credit union. My home is worth aporox 400,000 and I an borrowing 116,000. My credit union advised me to take a 5yr mortgage repayment insurance for 1,379.29 included in the total amount. Is this a good idea?

  • Harper

    My dad is 57 and he would like to buy a 46 hectare hobby farm purely for residential purposes. It’s on the grid, has good road access, is half an hour away from Canberra and the dwelling is already built. Also, he’ll be servicing on PAYG as he’s an IT Manager with a 150k income. Can you help process his home loan?

  • Yes, we can help though we may need to have a shorter loan term in order to improve the exit strategy requirements of the bank. We have a few lenders in mind that may be able to help so please call 1300 889 743 to discuss in detail directly with one of our expert hobby farm mortgage brokers. Or simply complete our free online assessment form and one of us will contact you instead:

  • Bentley

    I’m in need of a loan for land subdivision. It’s only at around 30% LVR but the total value is $5.6 million. The size is 49 acres and there’s a house on it too. I’m retired but I still have an income through a retail store. Can you help me?

  • Hey Bentley.
    We may be able to help you but we’ll first need to assess you in order to properly understand your situation. This way, we can help you improve your situation if need be and then recommend the top lenders that may be able to help. Please call 1300 889 743 to discuss this directly with an expert mortgage broker or simply enquire online and one of us will contact you within 24 hours:

  • Herpey

    My parents are retired and my mom had an accident last month. So, I guess they’re having financial hardships but they won’t tell me anything about it. I’ve been thinking it’ll be a lot easier for them if I could assist them in their mortgage repayments. Is there any way I could help them in their situation?

  • Hi Herpey, Sorry to hear about your mother.
    Yes, you can help them in the repayments, and you don’t need to disclose this to the lender either. As long as the mortgage repayments are being made and the property title hasn’t changed, the lender is happy. You could speak with them and, if possible, add yourself to the property title with the help of a solicitor. Please note that the mortgage in your name is registered on the property title only but your interest in the property isn’t protected as you’re not the legal owner of the property.
    There are other ways to help your parents for their mortgage. You can go through this for more info.

  • Tammy Walter

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