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Home Buyer Centre

Buying a home is quite possibly the biggest financial decision that you will ever make. Making a big decision can be difficult if you don’t have the knowledge required to make the right call.

So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources that you can use to educate yourself on home loans and how to buy a property.


How much can I borrow?: We’ve created an online calculator that exactly matches the methods used by several banks. Find out how much different banks will lend to you.

LMI calculator: Did you know each lender has different LMI premiums? Find out if you are eligible for discounted or waived LMI.

Credit score calculator: Are you a high risk borrower? Find out how the banks will view your situation.

First Home Owners Grants: Which grants and concessions are you eligible for? Find out specific information for your state.

More calculators: Using our mortgage calculators will help you to make an informed buying decision.

Basic mortgage concepts

Interest rates: What special offers, professional packages and fixed rates are currently available?

What does LVR mean?: Find out what LVR means and how this can affect your loan application.

What are genuine savings?: What are genuine savings and why do most banks require it even if you have a good income?

What is LMI?: What is LMI, how much is it and who has to pay it?

What is credit scoring?: What is your credit score and why does it matter for your mortgage application?

The loan application process: How does applying for a home loan work? What are the different steps that your application will go through before it is advanced?

Home loan types: Loans can be interest only, 100% offset, basic or a line of credit. What does all this mean and which loan type is suitable for you?

No deposit loans

Buying a home with no deposit: What options are available to home buyers? How can you buy a home with little or no deposit?

Guarantor home loans: Find out how you can borrow the full purchase price and even cover such costs as stamp duty.

95% home loans: Borrowing 95% isn’t as easy as it used to be. What do you need to know to get the lowest interest rate and to get approved?

Home loan documents

Employment letter: Some lenders will require a letter from your employer. Use these templates to make sure that the letter is accepted.

First Home Owners Grant guide: Filling in the forms for the First Home Owners Grant can be a challenge! Which documents do you need to provide to make sure that your grant isn’t delayed?

Gift letter: Are your parents giving you a deposit? If so then most lenders will require a letter from them to confirm that the funds will be available.

Rental reference letter: Are you currently renting? Some lenders will require a letter from your managing agent to confirm that you have been a reliable tenant.

Statements and transaction history: What is the difference between a statement and a transaction history? Mixing this up can cause a delay with your application.

Buying a property

The home buying process: What are the steps to buying a home? Find tips for each step in the process.

How to value a property: How do bank valuers know what your property is worth? When buying a property you can use the exact same method to make more accurate offers.

How reliable is your pre-approval?: Did you know that some pre-approvals aren’t worth the paper that they’re written on? Make sure that you have a real pre-approval before you bid at an auction.

You are pre-approved, now what?: Once your loan is pre-approved you can begin shopping around for a property to buy. What are the next steps?

Preparing to buy a property: Are you thinking of buying a property in the near future? Learn how we can help you to be prepared to buy when the time comes.

Construction loan tips: Are you buying land and building a home or are you interested in a house and land package? Find out how a construction loan works and what you need to do to make sure that the process goes smoothly.

  • Ellie

    How long does it takes to obtain a mortgage form a bank if one has already found a property?

  • Hey Ellie, yes, we do have a page on the home loan process where we discuss the entire process from before applying for a mortgage to beyond settlement. You can check it out here:

  • emu

    Hello. I am living rent free with my parents at the moment and was thinking of buying a house but I am now considering buying a residential investment property instead. I can then move into it later when I want. Do you have any tips or suggestions?

  • Hi emu,
    If you’re thinking of buying an investment property, our first suggestion would be to avoid diving in too soon. There are many traps for the unwary and a simple oversight can catch you off guard and leave you with a bad investment. We have a page with a lot of info that you can find useful so please do check it out:

  • Nico

    Hi, I’m a solicitor and my husband is an accountant. Our combined income is $145k but we’re due for a pay rise. Can you help us get a no LMI home loan?

  • Hey Nico,
    If you apply with a bank of which you are both existing customers then they may very likely consider it as an exception. It would be best to get a letter from your employer stating that you are due for a pay rise and then only apply. Please call 1300 889 743 to discuss all this with an expert mortgage broker and find out how we can proceed.