This page is for Australians who currently have a bad credit file and need a home loan.

What is considered to be ‘bad credit’?

Have you missed a payment on a bill, credit card, your mortgage or any other type of debt in the past?

Chances are it’s on your credit file, a record of your credit history maintained by credit reporting agencies like Equifax (formerly Veda Advantage).

Such listings are considered as black marks by credit providers like banks and they can stop you from qualifying for a home loan:

  • Mortgage arrears: Missed payments on your home loan. The more the number of missed payments you have had in the last six months then the more wary lenders will be. Generally, banks will not refinance your loan if you have missed just one repayment!
  • Bad credit history: Adverse listings such as defaults, bankruptcy, judgments, court writs or too many credit enquiries on your Equifax credit file can make your application doubtful.
  • Lender credit history: Your past credit history with the lender you are applying for. Lenders have a very long-term memory for the customers that they have had problems with in the past.
  • Unpaid bills or tax: Outstanding bills such as council rates or tax bills are a type of bad credit history that may not initially show up on your credit file but may be visible on the supporting documents you need to provide.
  • Company in financial trouble: If you’re the director of a company that is in financial trouble, receivership or liquidation then this can affect your personal credit history.
  • Over committed: If you have too many debts for your income or your total assets are less than your total liabilities then the major banks may assess you as being insolvent or beyond help.

How to get approved with bad credit

Major banks and lenders will likely decline your application but there are non-conforming or specialist lenders that are more flexible with their lending policies.

They will assess your home loan application on a case by case basis and listen to your story as to what went wrong and why getting a home loan will put you in a better financial position.

This is particularly true of borrowers looking to consolidate existing debt.

Specialist lenders can often rapidly approve bad credit home loans to meet deadlines from the creditors.

What information is on my credit file?

Your name, date of birth, current address, previous address, drivers licence number, employer and previous employer are information stored on your credit file.

All the loans that you have applied for in the last 5 years are a part of your credit file and they come up as “Enquiries”.

Other aspects such as court judgments, court writs and bankruptcy history are saved on your credit file, to find out more read our credit file page.

Who gets into bad credit?

Many Australians who fall into bad credit aren’t actually irresponsible or “bad people”.

Most of them have simply been involved in an unfortunate life event like divorce, loss of job, injury or business failure that has resulted in blemishes on their credit file.

People that fall into bad credit aren’t necessarily living in outer fringe suburbs either.

It’s well-known among economists that affluent suburbs are actually the most susceptible to financial stress when interest rates rise.

That’s because their mortgages tend to be much larger and they’re more highly-leveraged. That means their Loan to Value Ratios (LVRs) are higher.

Add to that the fact that wages haven’t really matched the growth in house prices and it’s easy to see how anyone can become “overexposed” and fall into a bad credit situation.

The worst part is that if you’ve missed just a couple of debt payments but have since been managing your financials positively, these listings still show up on your credit file sometimes years after you made the mistake.

The Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) regime announced in 2014 can potentially help you mitigate the negative aspects of your credit file.

However, it can also mean that if you have a clear credit history but a poor repayment history you could be knocked back for a home loan.

Information like your repayment history isn’t being provided by all Australian lenders as yet but it will be something to look out for soon.

What are common financial stress indicators?

Before officially getting a black mark recorded on your credit file, there can be a definite lead up of events that can eventually result in defaults or worse.

The Household Expenditure Survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that the most common financial stress experiences included:

  • Being unable to raise $2000 in a week for something important.
  • Spending more money than received.
  • Being unable to pay utility bills like gas, electricity or telephone on time.
  • Being unable to pay registration or insurance on time.
  • Pawning or sold something to make ends meet.
  • Going without meals.
  • Seeking assistance from welfare/community organisations.
  • Seeking financial help from friends or family.

These financial stress indicators were most common with younger households, with 70% of respondents declaring that they had experienced at least one of the above scenarios in a 12-month period.

If you’re experiencing financial stress, you can always seek free financial counselling from the National Debt Helpline by calling 1800 007 007.

It’s essential that you get your financials in check first before committing to a home loan.

Why do banks knock people back for a mortgage?

Australians with bad credit can be declined for a home loan by major banks or lenders for a number of reasons.

It could be because of the type of bad credit you have or the size of your defaults but, generally speaking, simply having blemishes on your credit file can stop you from borrowing.

The reason is that it shows to the bank that you may be unreliable as a mortgage owner.

However, there are lenders that specialise in bad credit home loans and take a more common sense approach when assessing your situation.

What are bad credit home loans?

In Australia, bad credit mortgages are types of mortgages offered by non-conforming or specialist lenders.

Bad credit home loans consider all situations, especially the ones where borrowers have black marks on their credit file.

They are designed to separate and help the ‘outside of the box’ applications that don’t meet the bank’s guidelines.

Types of bad credit home loans

These types of bad credit home loans are offered to borrowers who have defaults on their credit file. In Australia there are generally two types of defaults lenders will look at:

  • Paid defaults: Defaults that you’ve paid in full.
  • Unpaid defaults: Defaults that you haven’t paid in full.

A default is a record on your credit file that shows that you have an overdue account such as a personal loan, credit card bill, utility bill or phone bill.

It’s classed as being overdue if the payment is 60 days late or if the lender has been unable to contact you.

Having a default on your credit file will likely get you declined with most major banks as this is a sign of your inability to pay your debts.

For more information about this type of bad credit home loan, please see our home loan with defaults page or complete our free assessment form.

Discharged bankrupt home loan

These types of bad credit home loans are offered to borrowers who were bankrupt and are now discharged. There are lenders in Australia that will lend you money to buy a property the day after you become discharged bankrupt!

The term ‘discharged’ is purely an automatic process of the law which releases the bankrupt person from bankruptcy.

Once you are discharged, you are no longer bankrupt and no longer required to have limited assets and no overseas travel.

It also means that you’re able to apply for credit again.

For more information about this type of bad credit home loan, please see our page or complete our free assessment form.

Part 9 debt agreement

These types of bad credit home loans are offered to borrowers who entered a Part IX Agreement and have completed the agreement. In Australia, if you can’t pay your debts, you have the option of seeing a debt agreement administrator who can help you prepare a debt agreement between you and your creditors or lenders.

Once the debt agreement is fulfilled, you’ll be discharged from the agreement.

A Part 9 will remain on your credit file for up to seven years.

There are lenders who will consider your mortgage application if you have a completed Part IX Agreements on a credit file.

For more information about this type of bad credit home loan, please see our page or complete our free assessment form.

Tax debt home loan

These types of bad credit home loans are offered to borrowers who have a large debt with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Generally, the ATO debt is added to the mortgage, leaving the borrower clear from any ATO debt.

ATO debt is actually very common.

It can be easy to make a mistake on your tax return and this can come back to bite you years later.

For more information about this type of bad credit home loan, please see our tax debt mortgage page or complete our free assessment form.

Debt consolidation home loan

These types of bad credit home loans are offered to borrowers who have a number of small debts that have become unmanageable.

In Australia, most people choose to roll multiple forms of unsecured debt into their mortgage, creating one simple monthly repayment.

For more information about this type of bad credit home loan, please see our page or complete our free assessment form.

Why should I get a bad credit home loan?

The idea of bad credit home loans is to be a short to medium-term fix, not a long term solution such as a second mortgage.

Did you know that it’s often much cheaper to pay a higher interest rate for a few years than it is to sell your home and then buy a new one later on?

It usually costs more than 8% of the property value to sell your home!

We always set up bad credit home loans with the intent of refinancing back to a prime lender in around 2 to 3 years’ time when your credit history is clear again. Why?

The idea is to help you make a fresh start and it allows you to keep your home.

You can even have a 25 or 30-year loan term so you’re not forced to refinance within a particular timeframe.

This stops people being caught out if their personal situation changes.

In the meantime, it gives you breathing room to repay your bad debts and clean up your credit file.

Once you have a proven track record of repayments on your mortgage with no arrears you can refinance to a better interest rate.

Getting approved for bad credit home loans

You may qualify for a bad credit home loan if you have the following on your credit file:

  • Small paid default: If you have a small default for less than $500 and it has been paid more than six months ago, we can help you borrow up to 90% or up to 95% LVR (of the property value) in strong cases.
  • More than one small paid default: If you have less than $1,000 in paid defaults from financial institutions (e.g. banks), and less than $500 in paid defaults from non-financial institutions (e.g. phone companies), then you can borrow up to 85% or possibly 90% of the property value.
  • Moderate paid defaults: If you have up to $3,000 in paid defaults, we’re able to help you borrow up to 80% of the property value with a prime lender, up to 90% of the property value with a specialist lender or up to 100% of the property value if you have a security guarantee from your parents.
  • Large paid defaults: Larger paid defaults from $3,000 to $500,000 can be considered on a case by case basis if you have a very good explanation backed by strong evidence. We can lend up to 90% of the property value with a specialist lender.
  • Unpaid defaults: If you have any unpaid defaults then you can only borrow up to 90% of the property value with a non-conforming lender. Many lenders require you to pay the defaults before the loan is approved.
  • Judgments or court writs: If you have any judgments or court writs then you can borrow up to 90% of the property value with a non-conforming lender.
  • Part IX agreement: Please refer to our Part IX agreement page for more information.
  • Bankruptcy: Please refer to our bankruptcy mortgages page for more information.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 1300 889 743 complete our free online assessment form or leave a question in the comments section below.

How does it work?

You may be wondering: why would anyone help me?

Firstly, specialist lenders recognise that Australians with bad credit are looking for a second chance at a happy life, whether it’s buying their own family home or consolidating debt to reduce their financial burden.

Borrowers who are approved for bad credit home loans rarely default on their mortgages again.

In fact, their default rates tend to be lower than “clean” borrowers!

Non-conforming lenders recognise this and so do we.

We also have a mission to give every Australian a fair go at owning their own home.

How do non-conforming lenders work?

Non-conforming lenders are far more flexible than the major banks.

The interest rates that are offered on bad credit home loans reflect the risk to the lender.

Therefore, the higher the risk of your loan, the higher the rate of interest the lender will charge you.

They assess applications for bad credit home loans on a case by case basis and will listen to your story as to what went wrong and why you need debt relief.

  • Generally speaking, if you’re borrowing under 80% of the property value, then you can get a cheaper interest rate
  • For those of you who are looking to borrow over 80%, or if you’ve had severely impaired credit history, then the rate can be higher.

Who are the non-conforming lenders?

We have access to many non-conforming lenders that can help borrowers get approval for a home loan despite black marks on their credit file.

We hold an Australian Credit Licence (ACL) as required under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, allowing us to work with non-conforming lenders.

The non-conforming lenders that we deal with include:

What do I have to do?

If you have a black marks on your credit file, there are a few things you can do to qualify for a home loan, even with a major bank or lender.

Above all, speaking with a specialist mortgage broker is the key to building a strong case to show that the debt problems you’ve had in the past are just that: in the past.

A credit expert understands exactly what the banks want to see when assessing a borrowers’ ability to pay back bad credit home loans.

Avoid getting more negative listings

Are you currently experiencing financial hardship?

You can’t change the past but what you can do is prevent further bad credit listings.

This will put you in a better position with specialist lenders that offer bad credit home loans.

Ultimately, they want to see that you’re making, or you’ve made, a good effort to fix your past financial problems and you’re in a better position.

You can demonstrate this by:

  • Making your repayments on time.
  • Keeping in contact with lenders to avoid a “clearout” being listed.
  • Paying something, not nothing, on your debts.
  • Pay off your existing defaults.

Find out more tips on the My Credit File page or seek out financial counselling if you’re currently experiencing hardship.

Wait for listings to clear

If you’ve missed payments or you’ve defaulted in the past, you may want to wait for your credit to clear before applying.

Bear in mind, this may not always be in your best interests!

Buying a home sooner rather than waiting can potentially put you in a better position in the long run when you factor in property equity.

Other times, bad credit home loans may be the only option available to you depending on the damage to your credit file.

However, if for instance, you’ve had a default, court writ or enquiry listed on your profile for the past 5 years, and you’re less than 1 month away from it being cleared, our brokers may advise you to come back when the listing has cleared.

We can’t provide you with financial advice so you may want to seek out credit repair services such as Credit Repair Australia.

In this way, with all other aspects of your situation being strong, you can qualify with a major lender at a much sharper rate.

Confused? Speak to us!

We have a team of dedicated bad credit mortgage brokers with many years of experience.

Many of our senior brokers have worked in the credit departments of major banks so they know exactly how to build a strong case for bad credit home loans.

Call us on 1300 889 743 or complete our free online assessment form and find out how we can help you get approved for a bad credit mortgage.

  • Elisia

    I’ve a small default of $200 with my network carrier a couple of years ago, which I didn’t know of until they sent me a bill. I’ve paid off that debt so how long will it stay in my record and will it dampens my chances of obtaining a home loan?

  • Hi Elisia, a default affects your credit score in a negative way. Usually it will stay in your credit file for five years from when it was initially lodged. Lenders take this seriously as they feel that any kind of credit issues in the past has the possibility of being repeated. In that case they do not want to face a loss by approving a home loan. It is still possible to get a home loan by going with the right lender, as not all lenders will accept a default.

  • Peggy

    Hi i got a copy of my credit history and didnt know i have a default of $450 on my file .
    I need to pay it .
    But whats the chances of getting a home loan .

  • Hi Peggy,

    It depends on the type of default, the company it was from, how long ago it was listed and why it was listed.

    We can still get you a home loan with a default. In fact in some cases if you have a good deposit and other evidence to show that you are good with your money e.g. a perfect rental history, then we can use our relationship to get you a loan with a bank at a sharp rate. It’s very much a case by case basis.

    Please call us on 1300 889 743 and one of our brokers can complete a full assessment of your situation.

  • Peggy

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  • Seazonn Rea

    Hi There, I have a report of my credit file from veda , I was declined by a major bank as i didnt not meet there level, however reading the veda report i only have enquires , i have not defaulted in any way or missed home loans payments.. Will i still be able to get a home loan i have a 50k deposit has i have now sold my house, thanks

  • Hi Seazonn,

    Yes this is really common, especially when the deposit is a gift, if you are buying on your own, if you have some credit card debt, if you were late on your old home loan sometimes or if you are currently living rent free with your parents. This is called credit scoring and it’s the bank’s computer assessing your full situation not just your Veda Report / Veda Score.

    The good news is that some banks don’t use credit scoring and instead assess your application on its merits. You can borrow up to 90% and in some cases 95% without credit scoring. Please contact us and we’ll complete an assessment and work out which lenders you qualify with

  • NOD

    I need around $300,000 to buy a house off of my ex which we jointly owned a year ago. I want 90% LVR but I can go 80% if I have to. I have a judgment though, which is unpaid and four years old. Can I still borrow?

  • Hello NOD,

    We’ll need to know more about the circumstances of the judgement as well as yuor personal financial situation. Lenders are wary when it comes to unpaid judgments so if your situation isn’t within their policy, we can still help you apply with a specialist lender and then refinance to a prime lender as soon as you can qualify. Please call 1300 889 743 to speak with ur bad credit specialists or enquire online:

  • diego

    When can we qualify to refinance back to a bank?

  • You are eligible to refinance out of a non-conforming loan once you meet standard bank criteria, so generally you must owe 80% LVR or less (although up to 90% may be considered), all of your defaults are paid and are no longer showing on your credit file, you have full income evidence (low doc loans may be available in some cases) and you have made all of your repayments on time in the last 6 months.

  • Jaymee-lee John

    We are first home buyers and we have a bad credit file even though we have made all our payments on time (we loaned trough pay day companies). We don’t really have any savings but are you able to help us at all? Would it be easier with a guarantor?

  • Yes, we can help you. A guarantor would make the loan less risky to the bank so it will definitely help. Please call 1300 889 743 to discuss your situation and loan needs with one of our experts to find out how we can help.

  • Elizabeth Powell

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  • Robyn McAlonan

    I am 60 years old , and I am a discharged bankrupt, I paid out the debt, I want to loan $150000, for a small unit, I have $30000 as a deposit, unit is $179000. I would like a loan over 20 years. Is this possible.?

  • Hi Robyn,
    You’d need to show the lender how you’d be able to pay the loan off in that time. In particular how you’ll be able to work until you’re 80 years old. I’ll email you some info that might help.

  • Liza

    My bank told me that the house I want to buy is on a category 3 location. That coupled with a $5,000 default of 2 years ago meant I couldn’t get approved. Do I need to buy at a better location or wait till my credit is clean?

  • Actually, you may still be able to get a home loan but you may need to go with a specialist or non-bank lender. They are generally more flexible to complicated situations or concerning people with more than one potential credit issue. We know a few lenders that are flexible with postcodes and others that are okay with up to two paid defaults. Please call our office if you’d like to discuss this with an expert mortgage broker.


    I have a vacant block with 4 people on the title x2 couples. Will any lenders look at splitting the loan with stand alone loans for each couple and not have liability on each others loans? We dont want all 4 on the title or to guarantee each others loans. ( only two splits needed) . All of us have excellent credit history by the way with a 20% deposit…

  • A few lenders may be able to help with this, however, it will also depend on the other aspects of the application. So please call 1300 889 743 to discuss your personal situation and loan requirements in detail with an expert mortgage broker. Or you can even simply compete our free online assessment form and one of us will contact you instead:

  • lara david

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  • Robert

    Hi I have bad credit with around $15,000 unpaid. How do i make contact with the lenders so I can make amends with the lenders?
    I’m wanting to save $50,000 within 12 months to borrow $250,000 one I have paid my defaults, Is this at all possible?

  • Hi Robert,
    Credit repair is the best way to go in your situation. In many cases if you haven’t paid the debt then it’s easy for them to negotiate removal of the default in return for payment of all or part of the debt. This then puts you in a good position to get a home loan. Note that some lenders can assist if you have a default although you’d pay a higher rate.

  • Leonel

    Is there any minimum time that I should wait before applying for a home loan if I get my credit repaired?

  • Hi Leonel,
    There is no minimum time after you repair your credit and becoming ready to apply for a home loan. Please note that you will be removing only unfair, disputable and contestable information from your credit file. However, if you have legitimate black marks that you’ve accrued on your file, such as defaults or a number of credit enquiries, then this will still affect your ability to get approved, no matter if you got credit repair or not. In cases like this, a specialist lender may be able to help you.
    Once you get these black marks removed from your credit file then your credit score will improve which would make it easier for you to apply for a home loan and to get it approved.
    You can check out the credit repair page for more info.

  • Susan

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  • Keisha Clegg

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  • Daná Harris

    Hi 7 years ago my now ex partner said he couldnt get anything in his name so i put stuff for him in my name as i had a great credit rating i had paid off 2 car loans early. It quickly escalated from there as he was put off work. I ended up having to get the police to put a fvo on him and myself and daughter moved to a womens shelter. He took everything (furniture. Car the lot) and i had to start again with all this debt . Anyways i had to stop working as i became disabled and now on disability pension i have a big monthly chunk of child support coming in and fta and ftb. I have now lived in same housing house for 7 years and have always been in front. Im want to purchase this home. I will still have those unpaid defaults as at the time of split up i couldnt afford to live and pay for them. I am now getting 108k inheritance and wanting to borrow 120k. Is this possible to buy housing house????

  • Hi Dana,
    We’d need to assess your situation in full to be sure. If you can afford the repayments and your situation overall makes sense then it is likely that we can help. In particular we’d want to be sure that your income sources are ongoing and that you will not face any hardship. A brokerage fee would apply if we are successful as your loan is under $300,000 and would be a lot of work for our team.

  • Daná Harris

    Could you help me out further please . This is my ultimate dream

  • Daná Harris

    So if i was to borrow 120k what would my weekly repayments be?

  • Hi Dana,
    Sure I’ll email you and cc one of our mortgage brokers who specialise in this area.

  • Daná Harris

    Do u have my email address?

  • Yes we’ve emailed you earlier today.

  • Linda1

    I am in Part IX debt agreement years ago and it’s about to be cleared. I just have $3,000 to pay it off. Will I be able to borrow normally now after it’s been paid off?

  • Yes Linda1, once you clear off from your debt agreement, you could get a home loan with some of our lenders, who will lend you 80% of the property value. However, with a select one or two lenders, you can apply for a standard mortgage at up to 95% of the property value at standard interest rates.

  • Mantis

    I had a couple of small defaults over a 3 month period recently. However, I since paid off these defaults. They were credit card related. How will the lenders consider my application?

  • Hey Mantis.
    Small defaults over a short period of time indicates usually aren’t recurring events and considered better than having the same default over a few years. Banks consider whether you have cleared your debts or not and the time taken to pay the debts. You are likely to qualify for a home loan despite the defaults on your credit file as long as you can meet your lender’s credit criteria.

  • FIona Butler

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  • PoemsByRanthi

    My partner and I are on the verge of buying a house – but we are comparing home loans and while we have a pre approval with one bank we want to apply to another bank as we feel it’s a better deal. Is it a good idea to apply to two different banks?

  • Hi There,
    It’s best to just apply once and be approved once. However 2 – 3 enquiries for a mortgage can be fine. Whereas 3 – 4 for a credit card or personal loan looks really bad to a lender. Some lenders have a policy about if you have had 5 or more enquiries in the last 12 months then your loan is auto-declined.
    If you like one of our mortgage brokers can give you a 2nd opinion and let you know if we have something more suitable for you or if what you’ve been pre-approved for is already competitive. I’ll email you their details.

  • PoemsByRanthi

    Thank you for your response. We are in touch with a mortgage broker at present and have a pre-approval. We were just comparing rates and wondering if we should approach another bank.

  • Bryan Anthony

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