Last Updated: 29th March, 2023

Welcome to the ‘Resources’ section! Here you’ll find easy-to-understand guides, infographics and animations that provide essential tips that you need to know about home loans and buying property.

  • Online EBook: Our easy-to-read EBooks provide a descriptive walkthrough of a successful home loan application and tips for buying property.
  • Our Slides: Discover the 6 ways to borrow with no deposit, how to avoid mortgage insurance, the common mistakes of purchasing a property, and more.
  • Our Videos: Our videos provide insights on the common reasons why home loans are declined and how to successfully apply with a right lender.

What can you learn?

You’ll learn:

  • How banks assess home loan applications and why your credit score is so important.
  • How to get a home loan with no deposit.
  • How you can save heaps on your mortgage and why certain professionals get exclusive discounts.
  • What to look for in a property.
  • Why anyone can be a boss at negotiating at auction.
  • Much more.

What info can you find?

We even have a scientifically-proven guide on how buying a home can improve you sex life!

You can find these online ebooks, slides and videos in the panel to the left of this page. You’re more than welcome to print the ebooks and slides off at home, and feel free to share the videos with your family and friends.

These are free downloadable hints and tips that banks won’t tell you!


These ebooks, slides and videos provide general information only and shouldn’t be taken as financial advice for the purposes of applying for a home loan or any other type of finance, or for the purposes of buying or investing in property. It’s essential you seek proper advice from a mortgage broker, accountant, financial planner and/or any other type of qualified financial professional before making a financial decision.