10 mistakes that can get your loan declined.

10 mistakes to get your loan declined

It’s not always a straightforward process in getting approved for a home loan. Having multiple debts and a poor credit score are definitely red flags for most banks but even little things like sending documents to the lender in bits and pieces and borrowing to your limit can stop your application in its tracks.

How to negotiate at an auction.

How to negotiate at an auction

A useful strategy guide for negotiating at auction from Home Loan Experts managing director and experienced property investor Otto Dargan.

Property inspection checklist

Property Checklist

Property hunting? This handy inspection checklist will tell you everything you should look out for before buying, from the structural aspects of the property, its location, as well as the property’s suitability for finance.

The 3 Golden Rules For Managing Your Home Loan

3 golden rules for managing your home loan

Now that you’ve started paying off your mortgage, how can you make sure you avoid mortgage stress? Click through to discover the 3 golden rules for managing your home loan.

The 3 Golden Rules To Getting The Lowest LMI Premium

3 golden rules to getting the lowest LMI premium

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is often an overlooked cost when getting a home loan. In fact, many Australians don’t even know what it is even though it can cost you literally thousands of dollars in upfront costs. How can you reduce your LMI premium and save thousands?

Disclaimer: These ebooks, slides and videos provide general information only and shouldn’t be taken as financial advice for the purposes of applying for a home loan or any other type of finance, or for the purposes of buying or investing in property. It’s essential you seek proper advice from a mortgage broker, accountant, financial planner and/or any other type of qualified financial professional before making a financial decision.

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