Are there discounts available?

Enter your details in our stamp duty calculator and it will work out if you’re eligible for a grant or reduced stamp duty.

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Which states does the calculator work for?

  • NSW stamp duty
  • VIC stamp duty
  • QLD stamp duty
  • WA stamp duty
  • ACT stamp duty
  • SA stamp duty
  • TAS stamp duty
  • NT stamp duty

You’ll find that some states charge more in stamp duty than others. In fact, the differences can be quite significant.

The first home benefits for each state are also different as many have special incentives for people buying new properties.

How is stamp duty calculated?

Stamp duty is calculated on a sliding scale as a percentage of the purchase price. It starts off as a relatively low percentage and increases for premium properties.

You can view the stamp duty table for your state to see where the cut-offs are or discuss this with your mortgage broker.

What if I buy a property below value

In most cases, you will need to obtain a stamp duty valuation and pay stamp duty on the value as opposed to the purchase price.

This is common when someone buys a property from their family and is given a discount.

Can I qualify to buy a home?

Our mortgage brokers can assess your situation and work out if you have a large enough deposit to buy a home.

They can also clarify any questions you may have about the cost of stamp duty, transfer fees or first home owners grants.

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  • Julian

    Is the stamp duty equal for the old and the new property?

  • Hi Julian,

    Depending on the state, the stamp duty for a newly constructed property might differ from the stamp duty charged on a established property. The stamp duty for a newly constructed one is usually lower. Apart from that, it also depends on the whether you want to live in it or invest and if it is your first property or not.

  • J, Isabella

    Hello, I’d like to know if stamp duty is the same for an off the plan property vs. an existing property.

  • Hey there, stamp duty is the same for off the plan and existing except for a new property valued at under $550k (no duty) and valued at under $650k (reduced).Over $650k new property will have normal duty.

  • Emile

    What should a certified document have to be acceptable to the banks?

  • Hi Emile,
    As a general rule, please make sure that a written certification be on each document and have the following details:
    – Certifier’s full name including any middle names,
    – Title (position held) or qualification e.g. Justice of the peace or Solicitor,
    – Registration number (where applicable), and
    – It must be signed and dated by the certifier.

    The certifier’s clause note must be clear and readable, especially in the case where the certifier is using a stamp.

  • Richmond

    What would happen if my valuation came up with a smaller amount than anticipated?

  • Hey Richmond,
    If you’re planning to purchase a property and the valuation comes in short, then it isn’t really a bad thing. It just means that the purchase price you’ve agreed on is above the value of the property. If the valuation comes in low it gives you a chance to re-negotiate with the seller. However, if you’re looking to refinance and the property value comes in short then you’re limited in your options. You can challenge a bank’s valuation but the success rate is low. A good solution for this is to order a valuation with another bank and see if it comes in higher.

  • Follett

    Do you know which lenders have the best and most competitive long term fixed rates?

  • Yes, Follett. Finding the cheapest fixed rate is not as simple as a quick Google search as most banks set their fixed mortgage rates on a weekly or fortnightly basis so the answer to this question is always changing. However, we can almost always offer a far superior fixed rate to that offered by your current bank as we have a range of lenders that we can help you choose from. If you are looking for the cheapest fixed rate loan then please call us on 1300 889 743 or simply enquire online:

  • Mary

    Hi, I read that in Victoria, the government allows us to pay stamp duty up to 30 days after settlement. Will this be ok with the bank?

  • Hi Mary,
    It may be okay but this can be different from lender to lender. It’s best if you can discuss this with your conveyancer to soee if it will be a problem.

  • Lionel

    Hi, i am purchasing a house and land package where there are 2 contracts – one for the vacant land and another for the construction. Do i pay Stamp duty on the vacant land only? Total purchase price is $780,000. Land is $480,000. Does this mean stamp duty is payable on the $480,000 only? I am NOT a first home buyer and am in NSW. Thanks

  • Hi Lionel,
    Yes you only pay stamp duty on the land.
    We estimate $17,090 in NSW stamp duty and $138 in registration fees. Your conveyancer can confirm the exact amount. If you are getting a mortgage there will be an additional $138 in registration fees for the mortgage.
    We’ve got a page with tips on construction loans here and an explanation of construction stages here and info on what documents you need to get a construction loan here
    If you’d like our help with a construction loan then let me know and I’ll get one of our construction specialists to contact you at your hotmail address.

  • Renz

    Hi, I’m a NZ citizen, plannning to move to australia permanently and buy a house. Can i use my kiwisaver if transferred to superannuation as a deposit?

  • Hi Renz
    If your kiwisuper can be converted to cash in Australia then this can be used. However if it must be deposited into an Australian super fund then it may or may not be used. The new rules may allow you to use it however you would need to speak to an expert in superannuation before you transfer the money otherwise it may be locked up until you retire. We’re only experts in lending.
    The good news is that as a NZ citizen you can qualify for a home loan in Australia with ease. You’ll get a special category 444 visa on arrival which allows you to qualify for the first home owners grant and avoid the foreign citizen stamp duty in most cases as well.

  • Renz

    Thank you for all the info…

  • Bradman

    My aunt has offered me to buy her property for $400,000, which has an estimated market value of $600,000. Do I have to pay stamp duty on this purchase?

  • Hi Bradman,
    It depends on whether you are buying a property for the first time or not, as there are various first buyer benefits such as stamp duty concession. However, the exact method that’s used to calculate stamp duty depends on the state you’re in. As a general rule, you’ll then pay stamp duty based on the valuation, not on the agreed purchase price.

  • Marie T Patton

    I am a little confused. I intend purchasing a vacant block of land for about $225k how much stamp duty will I pay in WA. I am not a first home buyer

  • Hi Marie,
    It depends on the property type. If it’s for a primary residence, then the total applicable stamp duty would be $6,377.40 whereas it would be $7,232.40 if it’s an investment property for a vacant land of $225k in WA. You can just play around the calculator and find out more or call us on 1300 889 743 and speak with a mortgage broker.

  • Saeed

    Hi, I just want to confirm since we’re buying an established home in NSW, we won’t get the first home owners grant but the stamp duty is waived, am I correct?

  • Hi Saeed,
    Yes, the property needs to be newly-built or never occupied to qualify for the first home owners grant. When buying an established home as a first home buyer you are eligible for stamp duty exemption for homes valued up to $650,000 and stamp duty concessions for homes valued between $650,000 to $800,000 in NSW. Please visit your state’s OSR website for the amount of stamp duty concessions available to you and to confirm your eligibility.

  • Kate

    Hi, I wanted to ask what would be the fee of adding a de facto partner to a property? She has never owned a property before. This page seems to calculate the stamp duty for a house, not when it is transferred, are they the same?

  • Hi Kate,
    Generally, in most states, the stamp duty is not applicable when adding your de facto partner or spouse to your property title. You’ll have to fill in an exemption form in order to take advantage of this exemption. You can obtain the form from your state office of revenue or the state government website. The definition of ‘partner’ can vary between states, especially for de facto couples. It’s best to check with your lender before adding someone’s name to your property title.

  • Fiona

    Hi, is stamp duty on a commercial property the same as on a residential property? Or do they differ?

  • Hi Fiona,
    Stamp duty is a state government tax that is applied when a property is sold and is based on the purchase price of the property. Stamp duty varies between states so please contact your respective state’s OSR in which you’re planning to purchase the property to find out if the rates are the same for both residential and commercial properties.

  • Kayla

    Hi, I have a house in Tarneit, but I travel to and fro between Singapore and Australia quite often. I want to buy a second property in Melton. Since I am a PR, do I need to pay the 7% additional stamp duty?

  • Hi Kayla,
    No, permanent residents (PR) do not have to pay the foreign stamp duty surcharge. Please note that the normal stamp duty still applies and you can calculate your stamp duty using the stamp duty calculator above. The first home owners grant is also available for PR holders.