The top 10 most liveable suburbs in Australia right now


Sometimes your dream home may not be at the heart of your favourite city. Here are ten Australian suburbs that are winning at overall livability.

How much of your home loan repayments are interest?

How much of your home loan payment is interest

You might already know that a good chunk of your mortgage repayments are interest but just how much may shock you.

Things To Check Before Buying A House

Things to check before buying a house

What should you do before purchasing real estate? Learn from the property investment experts about what you should check before buying a new house

6 ways to borrow with no deposit!

6 way to borrow with no deposit slide

You usually need 5-10% of the purchase price before a bank will approve your mortgage but did you know there are 6 ways to borrow with no deposit? Check out the no deposit home loans page for more information on qualifying.

10 tips for buying a house in Australia

10 Tips for buying a house in Sydney

Foreign citizens living in Australia and overseas can apply for a mortgage! Here are ten tips to get you on your way to owning your own home in Australia.

7 essential tips for first home buyers

6 way to borrow with no deposit slide

Are you looking at buying your first home but aren’t sure what to do? Here are 7 questions every first home buyers should answer before getting a home loan. Check out the first home buyers page for information on government grants that you may be eligible for.

3 things you need to know about the Australian property market in 2015

Australian Property 2015

Despite record low interest rates, the Australian property market is still on the rise. How long will the investor’s market last? For more tips and guidance on property investing and getting a loan check the property investor learning centre.

8 reasons you need a mortgage broker

8 Reasons you need a mortgage broker

Should I use a mortgage broker? Isn’t it easier to deal with a bank directly? Here are 8 reasons to consider using a broker over a bank manager.

5 ways real estate agents stretch the truth

5 ways real estate agents stretch the truth

Some real estate agents try to scare and confuse you just to make a sale. Follow these 5 tips so you can make an informed decision when buying a property. Learn how to independently value a property with this handy guide.

4 things you wanted to know about your credit file

4 things you wanted to know about your credit file

How long is information recorded on your credit file? Do you know what a credit enquiry is? Here are 4 things that you may not know about your credit file.

4 people who will never get a home loan

4 people who will never get a home loan

Some people always get declined by the bank. Are you one of these people? Find out what the banks want and how we can help you!

6 ways buying a home can improve your sex life

4 people who will never get a home loan

Are you bored with your sex life? Discover how buying a home can heat things up and usually save you more over the long term than renting!

7 sneaky tips to increase your credit score


Declined due to a low credit score? Here are 7 sneaky ways you can improve you credit score quickly and increase your chances of getting approved.

5 ways you can borrow at a high loan to value ratio (LVR)


Borrowing more than 95% of the purchase price is seen as a high risk but you can still borrow at a high LVR with the right lender and a guarantor. Learn more about low deposit home loans.

8 things that will trick you into saving!

8 things that will trick you into saving!

Are you struggling to save up to buy a home? Don’t worry, most Australians aren’t saving at all so you’re not alone! Here are 8 ways to trick your brain into putting money aside for a deposit.

Hustler’s guide to Lenders Mortgage Insurance


Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) can make or break your home loan application. Discover how to not only get approved but reduce or even avoid mortgage insurance with these secret tips the banks won’t tell you!

8 Mistakes Property Investors Make

8 mistakes new property investors make

What mistakes do most first time property investors make? Find out what the experts think and make your property investment strategy a success

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