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Bank of QLD Home Loans Review

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Founded: 1874

Owned by: ASX Listed

Funded by: Retail deposits and wholesale capital markets

LMI provider: Genworth

Lender type: Bank

Unlike most banks, Bank of Queensland has nearly two thirds of its branches “owner managed”. The franchise like structure, great interest rates and success with mortgage brokers has enabled BOQ to become one of the more popular banks in QLD.

BOQ has also purchased Virgin Money and Investec bank which has given it a large base of both young and professional customers such as doctors, accountants, engineers and lawyers.

How do BOQ’s home loans compare?

They’re great at

But they’ve got some drawbacks…

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What home loans types do they have?

BOQ has a range of full feature home loans such as their Clear Path Variable and Professional Package as well as some no frills home loans like their Economy Home Loan and Fixed Rate Home Loan.

They have a few speciality products such as waived LMI for professionals that is offered through Bank of QLD specialist and a bridging loan for people who are selling and buying a new home.

Tips for getting a great rate with BOQ

It’s all about timing!

BOQ is trying to grow its market share so it’s offering special discounts to lure customers to refinance to BOQ. If you’re buying a home or refinancing at the right time, then you may get a great deal on a variable rate or fixed rate that is below what the major banks can offer.

A good mortgage broker can also put in a pricing request to see what BOQ is willing to offer to win your business.

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  • mmki

    I may go for a business loan with BOQ so I’d like to know if we can negotiate the terms of the loan agreement at least to some extent or is it non-negotiable.

  • You can haggle the interest rates, fees and even annual review requirements. The business loan term sheet is essentially the bank’s initial offer to get your business. The bank wants your business so you do actually have the power to negotiate the terms of their business loan offer. Please check out the business loan agreement page for more info:

  • PoPo

    Hi, can you tell me the current fixed and flexible fixed interest rates that we can get right now?

  • Hi PoPo,
    You can check out the current fixed and flexible fixed rates on offer as well as other rates on the interest rates page. Here’s the link to that:

  • Tom C

    I’m a solicitor so are there any special home loan discounts available for my profession?

  • Hey Tom,

    Solicitors like lawyers and barristers can qualify for special discounts on their home loan. Other legal professionals are considered on a case by case basis. Please check out the home oan discounts for lawyers page to learn more: