flagFounded: 1743 in the Netherlands, 1999 in Australia

businessOwned by: Stock market listed (Euronext)

monetization_onFunded by: Retail deposits and wholesale capital markets

account_balanceLender type: International Bank, Online Bank

ING Commercial’s success with mortgage brokers and aggressive pricing enabled them to gain significant market share for commercial property loans up to $2 million.

They have sharp pricing, simple products, easy to understand policy and a good relationship with mortgage brokers Australia wide.

Technically, they do offer larger loans as well, but they tend to be less competitive than the major banks for these larger loans. They also don’t offer business loans and other products like overdrafts that high net worth borrowers often need.

How does ING Commercial compare?

They’re great at

But they’ve got some drawbacks…

They’re picking and choosing their market…

The major banks want business loans, commercial loans, overdrafts, merchant facilities and property developers. Not ING commercial!

They’re just interested in people who are buying standard commercial properties as an investment or as their business premises (owner occupied).

So don’t even bother to submit an application that isn’t what they’re looking for. It’s better to go to a lender that wants that type of business.

Tip for applying with ING Commercial

Use ING’s Loan application – Introducer to prepare for your commercial loan application.

Note: This is the latest commercial loan checklist as at October 2017. Please refer to ING Commercial for their most up-to-date document requirements.

ING Commercial client story: Steve, QLD


  • To buy his first commercial property for his property portfolio.


Commercial property investment.


Earning a strong income working in the engineering industry, Steve was in a position to build a substantial property portfolio and had been investing in residential real estate in hotspots across the country for the past couple of years.

Looking for higher yields, Steve took the leap and decided that he wanted to invest in an inner city office building. Crunching the numbers and comparing similar properties in the area, he found one that was tipped to deliver a strong rental return.

With equity in his home and some of his own cash to put towards the purchase, Steve needed a standard commercial property loan and didn’t want to be taken for a ride on the interest rate.


ING Commercial is very competitive when it comes to interest rates on standard commercial properties like offices, warehouses and factories.

Steve was even able to qualify for a further negotiated discount because he was earning a great income in a stable profession and borrowing at around around 70% of the property value (LVR).

Along with his cash deposit, the bank was happy to take the equity in Anthony’s residential property as security (he was borrowing at less than 80% LVR) and so he was able to buy his first commercial investment property.

How does ING Commercial compare?

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  • Adiya

    Hi, is there no way to borrow more than 80% to buy the freehold commercial factory if I don’t have enough equity in a residential property?

  • There is actually a way that you may be able to borrow more than 80% and that’s with a commercial property guarantor loan. If you’d like to learn more about this then please check out this page:

  • Pauly

    I’d like to buy a commercial factory for which I will likely need over $2 million on a commercial loan. I’d very much like to go for a BBSY interest rate so what would be the max term that is allowed in these loans? By the way, how will my margin be calculated?

  • Hey Pauly,
    The max term on a bank bill loan interest rate or BBSY rate is generally 180 days. Your customer margin is calculated based on the overall risk of your application. This includes your security, ability to pay the loan, equity position and anything else that is a risk to a bank. The higher the risk, the higher your margin.

  • Derr

    I didn’t know that ING commercial can accept child care centres. I’ve been considering investing in this commercial property so can you tell me what ING or any other lender that accepts these, considers in their assessment?

  • Hi, as a bare minimum, some major lenders require the following child care centre commercial loans to have more than 25 child care places for the facility, have occupancy levels above 80% and have at least 2 times the amount of income to proposed interest expenses (interest coverage ratio or ICR). Wages and salaries (on costs) should also be less than 60% of total or proposed income. There are other requirements regarding income per full time child care place but these earning requirements vary from lender to lender. They may be negotiable depending on your overall situation so please feel free to complete our online assessment form if you’d like one of our commercial brokers to look into your situation: