flagFounded: 2000

businessOwned by: Independently Owned

monetization_onFunded by: Resimac, funding warehouses

securityLMI Provider: QBE/genworth

account_balanceLender type: Non-bank lender

emoney is an independently owned non-bank lender who operates throughout Australia. They deliver flexible solutions, sharp rates and exceptional service to borrowers from all walks of life.

They offer competitive mortgage products to suit almost every borrower’s needs. They can assist first home buyers, self-employed borrowers and people with adverse credit and many more.

At emoney, they guide you through the home loan process from application through to settlement and beyond. Their personalised approach to lending focuses on getting customers’ loans approved quickly and effortlessly.

How do emoney compare?


  • A wide range of mortgage products—more than 500—to fit almost every customer’s needs
  • Borrowers with bad credit (defaults, loan arrears and discharged bankrupts)
  • Self-employed home loan, refinance, construction loan, investment loan
  • Access to multiple funding lines (contracts are highly unlikely to fail due to that)
  • eTrack software, allowing to track all your deals and the stages they are at
  • Easy online referral process with just one simple application form
  • Security through partnering with a privately-owned business
  • Fast turnaround times with onsite credit assessors
  • Some of their loan products can go up to 98% LVR
  • Low doc loans and Low credit loans


  • Limited extra repayments
  • Discharge fee at end of loan
  • No repayment holidays
  • High interest rate
  • Not favouring in regional areas
  • They can’t offer big loan size

What home loan types do they have?

  • Home loans for first time buyers

emoney has experienced lending professionals as well as access to hundreds of products that can help you find the ideal home loan quickly and seamlessly.

  • Next-home buyers loan

This product is for those who are planning to sell the current home and purchase a new one.

  • Self-employed home loan

Borrowers who run their own business and don’t earn a PAYG income can benefit from this product. This home loan requires the submission of documents like personal and business tax returns as evidence of your income.

  • Low doc loan

emoney has extensive experience in helping borrowers finance their new home even with an alternative or low documentation home loan. This product is for those who are unable to supply two years worth of financial documents.

  • Investment loan

If you are thinking about buying an investment property, then emoney can offer a competitive investment loan.

  • Refinance home loan

It’s generally considered a good idea to review home loans every 1-2 years to make sure it still meets your needs. emoney’s refinance home loan product can help you grab all-time low-interest rates.

  • Construction loan

Borrowers who want to build a home or renovate their home can use this product. emoney gives you access to funds progressively instead of a lump sum at the settlement. Your builder is paid at the end of each construction stage once the work has been inspected and approved.

How does the emoney application process work?

All applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, to enable emoney to deliver competitive financial solutions designed to suit your unique set of circumstances.

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