Last Updated: 13th December, 2022


We are only accepting applications for commercial property loans with a minimum loan size of $500,000, and a minimum deposit of 30%. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Most commercial loans have a negotiated interest rate depending on the loan size, equity position and overall strength of the application.

Where lenders do have set pricing, we’ve published their best interest rates below for you to compare.

Commercial Loans

Residentially secured commercial loans

Loan Category Interest Rate Contact Us
Variable 6.64% Apply
1 year fixed 6.69% Apply
2 years fixed 6.49% Apply
3 years fixed 6.29% Apply
5 years fixed 6.19% Apply

If your loan is secured by a residential property and is used for business or commercial purposes then we can get you significantly lower interest rates than your business banker.

Commercially secured loans

Loan Category Interest Rate Contact Us
Variable 6.24% Apply
1 year fixed 6.44% Apply
2 years fixed 6.29% Apply
3 years fixed 5.99% Apply
5 years fixed 5.99% Apply

SMSF commercial loans

Loan Category Interest Rate Contact Us
Variable 7.69% Apply
1 year fixed 8.29% Apply
2 years fixed 8.29% Apply
3 years fixed 7.99% Apply
5 years fixed 7.99% Apply

Commercial Low Doc

Low doc commercial loans

Loan Category Interest Rate Contact Us
Variable 8.05% Apply
1 year fixed 5.09% Apply
2 years fixed 6.79% Apply
3 years fixed 6.94% Apply
5 years fixed 5.54% Apply

A low doc commercial loan is used in situations where you cannot provide the proof of your income that most lenders require. Some of our banks can accept an income declaration or other income evidence in lieu of full financial statements.

Lease doc commercial loans

Loan Category Interest Rate Contact Us
Variable 8.05% Apply
1 year fixed 5.29% Apply
2 years fixed 5.39% Apply
3 years fixed 5.49% Apply
5 years fixed 5.74% Apply

Lease doc commercial loans allow you to use the rental income of the security property as evidence that you can afford the debt. This is similar to a low doc loan.

No doc commercial loans

Loan Category Interest Rate Contact Us
Variable 6.30% Apply
1 year fixed POA Apply
2 years fixed POA Apply
3 years fixed POA Apply
5 years fixed POA Apply

No doc commercial loans are offered by specialist or private lenders and attract a higher interest rate. These lenders may accept an adverse credit history or no proof of income whatsoever.

BBSY Loans

Bank bill loan interest rates

Term BBSY Rate Margin Your Rate Contact Us
30 day 1.73% 1.90% 3.63% Apply
60 day 1.72% 1.90% 3.62% Apply
90 day 1.72% 1.90% 3.62% Apply
180 day 1.74% 1.90% 3.64% Apply

Warning: The rates above are examples only. Rates are subject to a full credit assessment and based on the overall strength of your application. Apart from the rate, there can be significant differences in the fees charged by lenders which can affect the final pricing of your commercial loan.

Please call us to discuss your situation so we can build a strong application and negotiate competitive rates on your behalf.

What is a bank bill loan?

BBSY loans are funded using the bank’s cost of funds as a reference rate. This is the Bank Bill Swap rate (BBSW) plus 0.05%. The bank then adds a customer margin for the risk of your loan so they make a profit.

When the 30, 90 or 180-day term comes to an end, your loan is rolled over at the new BBSY interest rate for that term plus your customer margin. In effect, this is a variable rate loan where the interest rate changes every few months.

This type of loan is typically available for loan sizes over $2,000,000 but it is more common for loans over $5,000,000 as it is often lower than a standard business loan.

How is the customer margin calculated?

Your customer margin is calculated based on the overall risk of your application.

This includes your security, ability to pay the loan, equity position and anything else that is a risk to a bank. The higher the risk, the higher your margin. We’ve assumed you have a low risk loan in the above quoted interest rates.

Each bank may calculate your customer margin in a different way! This is where we can help to negotiate the lowest possible interest rate.

Please call us on 1300 889 743 or enquire online and one of our commercial mortgage brokers will get back to you with some options.