flagFounded: 1946

businessOwned by: Crucis Pty. Ltd.

monetization_onFunded by: National Australia Bank & Challenger (Advantedge)

securityLMI provider: None at the moment (loans are not provided above 80% loan to value ratio (LVR))

account_balanceLender type: Non-bank, Specialist lender

VMG specializes in near-prime residential mortgages and hence provides loans to borrowers who might not meet traditional lending requirements of major lenders.

VMG is a family-owned and managed business. Thus far, it has financed over 30,000 home loans.

Being a non-bank specialist lender, VMG focuses on near-prime residential mortgages and has a flexible lending policy. VMG is also well known for its excellent customer service.

How do VMG’s home loans compare?



What home loan types do VMG have?

VMG has been giving a second chance to customers who are knocked back by major-lenders due to their rigorous credit standards and policies.

The loans that they provide are designed to work well with a flexible credit policy.

The two main types of loans that it provides are debt consolidation loans and small business loans. Asides the two, it also provides a wide range of loans, including but not limited to: