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Founded: 1999

Owned by: Privately owned

Funded by: Adelaide Bank, Advantedge (NAB), La Trobe, Resimac, Pepper Home Loans and RedZed

LMI provider: Genworth, QBE and some self-insured products

Lender type: Non-Bank, Mortgage Manager

Better Mortgage Management is a non-bank lender with one of the most diverse range of funders that is available. This allows them to offer low rates and to accept borrowers in unique circumstances or with special needs.

They work with a select group of mortgage brokers that they have built a relationship with as well as a loyal following of customers.

How do BMM’s home loans compare?

They’re great at

But they’ve got some drawbacks…

  • They’re not a major bank
  • Not be available through all mortgage brokers
  • People who want branch access
  • Their LMI can be expensive with some funders

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Who should apply with BMM

If you’re applying with BMM it’s most likely because your mortgage broker has recommended them to you for a particular reason. They’re a great option for borrowing in a trust, low doc loans and credit impaired loans.

Ultimately if your mortgage broker knows what they’re doing then they’re probably recommend the right lender for you.

Better Mortgage Management client story: James, NSW


  • To buy a home with limited income evidence and a low deposit.


90% Low doc loan, self employed.


James was running a successful business but the only tax returns he could provide to get a home loan were over a year old.

On top of that, his business had grown significantly and the tax returns didn’t show the current turnover.

He initially approached his bank because they offered low doc loans. However, they would only lend a maximum of 80% of the purchase price.


Better Mortgage Management has a variety of funding solutions and, in conjunction with our relationship manager, we agreed that Resimac was a suitable choice for James.

James’ loan was approved by BMM and Resimac using a letter from his accountant as evidence of his current business income.

The interest rate was slightly higher than a standard full doc home loan so we worked with James to make a plan to pay down the loan and refinance it to a lower rate within 2 years.

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