flagFounded: 2017

businessOwned by: Real Asset Management

monetization_onFunded by: Institutional capital, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse

securityLMI Provider: N/A

account_balanceLender type: Non-Bank, Specialist lender

Brighten Home Loans (“Brighten”) is an Australian non-bank lender with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

At Brighten, they believe in creating effective and innovative lending solutions — helping more home-buyers achieve their goal of homeownership within Australia.

They serve clients who are non-residents of Australia or residents with foreign income.

Brighten home loans have sought to establish a real alternative to the traditional banks by focusing on new ideas and technologies to provide their customers and partners with intuitive, tailored and easy to use lending solutions.

The department leaders of Brighten Home Loans are former executives from major non-bank lenders in Australia.

The Lender and the Servicer are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Real Asset Management Group, an Australian financial services organisation with licensed operations in Australia and also in Hong Kong.

How do Brighten home loans compare?


  • End-to-end digital mortgage solution
  • Acceptance of temporary (those with a visa) and non-residents of Australia
  • Overseas low doc loan, foreign investor loan, and foreign construction loan
  • Self-employed non-resident and self-employed expat
  • No age restrictions on home loans as long as the applicant is able to service and repay the loan
  • They allow students to purchase property in Australia and rely on parents offshore income to service the debt
  • Can consider partially completed house with a new building contract in place
  • Supporting docs do not need to be translated into English if it’s in Chinese
  • Flexible lending policies as the loans are fully funded by multiple sources of institutional capital including top-tier international banks
  • Cash out option up to $250k is available
  • Borrowers with paid defaults up to $500 are accepted
  • Construction home loans are available for non-residents

But they have got some drawbacks …

  • Lack of variety of home loan products
  • Break fees may apply for early repayment of fixed rate loans
  • They do not accept apartments with an internal area of less than 40sqm
  • Certain limits may apply to certain high density inner city apartment developments
  • Rates can be high for certain products

Brighten Cash Out Policies

  • Accepts unlimited cash out of upto 80% LVR for all their products
  • For Full Doc prime from 80%-90% LVR, cash out is restricted to 20% of the security value
  • Maximum amount of cash out for business use is $500,000

  • What home loans types do they have?

    Brighten home loans are specialised towards Non-Residents and construction loans. They mainly offer two types of loans.

    • Residential Home Loan

    Residental Home Loan is a package for residential home loans which is available to Non-Residents of Australia. Borrowers can select this type of loan to purchase, refinance or release equity.

    • House and Land Construction Loan
      • This is a package for house and land construction loans which is available to Non-Residents of Australia. Construction loans are managed with progress payments.

      • Brighten Elevate
      • This is a full-doc home loan for Australian citizens or permanent residents with an income from an acceptable foreign currency. The product is also for Australian temporary residents (with an acceptable Australian Visa) with income in Australian dollars or an acceptable foreign currency.

        How does the Brighten home loan application process work?

        Brighten home loans’ experienced, multilingual team is available when you need them to help you navigate your home loan journey.

        Their step-by-step application process includes the following:

        • They process your application and supporting documents, and issue you with a complimentary conditional written approval within 48 hours.
        • They begin their valuation and income verification process after Application Fee and Valuation Fee are settled.
        • They issue you the formal loan approval, then we forward you all the necessary documents you need to sign.
        • They finalise your settlement, and your loan is released to you.

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