flagFounded: 1743 in the Netherlands, 1999 in Australia

businessOwned by: Stock market listed (Euronext)

monetization_onFunded by: Retail deposits and wholesale capital markets

securityLMI Provider: Genworth

account_balanceLender type: International Bank, Online Bank

ING Direct is the Australian branch of Dutch multinational ING Group. They rose to popularity using online savings accounts and low rate home loans offered through mortgage brokers.

Compared to the major banks they’ve done things quite differently. They don’t have branches and they don’t have ATMs. Instead they operate mostly online and pass the savings back to their borrowers in some clever ways.

Their home loans are simple to understand, but they’ve always been one of the most conservative banks and there’s a lot of people who don’t meet their strict credit criteria.

How do ING Bank’s home loans compare?

They’re great at

But they’ve got some drawbacks…

Coronavirus / COVID-19: ING policy changes

ING will decline your loan if your employer is receiving the JobKeeper payment.

However, some of our other lenders can accept your application even if your employer is receiving the JobKeeper payment. They will use the lesser of your previous income or current income and will ask for additional documents such as an employment letter as evidence of your new employment circumstances.

Coronavirus / COVID-19: ING mortgage relief

ING home loan customers who have suffered a loss of income or employment due to COVID-19, can contact them for a three month repayment pause on their home loan repayments.

An extension for a further three months (totalling 6 months) may also be available on request and is subject to a review.

A repayment pause means you will not be required to make any repayments during the time frame however interest and fees will continue to accrue on your loan.

This means at the end of the payment pause period your loan balance will be higher, and your minimum repayments will increase slightly so that your loan can still be paid within your loan term.

To apply for a repayment pause, please contact their hotline on 133 464 available 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week.

Watch out for gotchas

In most cases if you’ve had a home loan for 3 or 4 years, you can renegotiate your interest rate without refinancing. But not with ING!

ING refuses to offer better rates to their existing clients who are on much higher interest rates. We regularly monitor the rate of our customers and unfortunately we have to refinance their loan to another lender after a few years, otherwise our customer is paying too much.

What home loans types do they have?

ING’s Orange Advantage Home Loan is their most popular loan. It’s a professional package with a 100% offset account and great interest rates if you’re borrowing more than $500,000 or $1,000,000 and have a large deposit.

ING’s Mortgage Simplifier is a basic loan that doesn’t have an offset account. Depending on what specials ING is running, it may get the same low rates as the Orange Advantage or it may be a little more expensive.

Their Fixed Rate Loans are not normally competitive, so it pays to compare them to other banks. In some cases, they offer specials which make them the market leader for a short period of time.

Did you get declined by ING?

Don’t feel too bad, you’re not alone.

Their credit policy is ridiculously conservative and our mortgage brokers get scared to submit even the strongest loan applications to ING.

A common problem in Australia is that people just look at the interest rates on offer but ignore the credit policies of a lender. There’s usually another lender with a great interest rate that can help most people who don’t meet ING’s guidelines.

Tip for applying with ING

Use ING’s Loan application – Introducer to prepare for your home loan application.

Note: This is the latest home loan checklist as at October 2017. Please refer to ING Bank for their most up-to-date document requirements.

ING client story: Rikki, ACT



Veterinarian, professional, purchase owner-occupied property, first home buyer.


After working full time for a couple of years after graduating, Canberra veterinarian Rikki managed to save up around $182,000 and decided it was time to buy her first home.

She found a 4-bedroom house worth $610,000 meaning that with her substantial deposit, the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) for her home loan was going to be 70%.

As a vet with such a large deposit, Rikki really wanted to get the sharpest interest rate on her home loan.


Rikki had a lot going for in getting approved for a great rate: she was a vet, had a large deposit, had a clean credit file and had no dependents (children).

Although she was single, her income was more than enough to service or meet the repayments of a $425,000 home loan.

As a result, Rikki was able to qualify for:

  • The lowest standard variable rate on the market at the time.
  • An annual account-keeping fee of $190 compared to the $300-$350 charged with most other lenders. That’s around half the cost.
  • Waived LMI, which is a risk fee normally charged when borrowing more than 80% of the property value.

She was able to put her remaining savings (which amounted to around $200,000) in an offset account to further reduce her interest payments.

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