flagFounded: 2001

businessOwned by: Privately Owned

account_balanceLender type: Non-bank lender

Paramount Mortgages is not an available lender on our panel. This is a review only.

Specialist private lender Paramount Mortgages was founded by Managing Director Sean White in October 2001. It caters to a variety of niches, such as incomplete construction, second mortgages and unusual property types. It also does commercial development loans with no pre-sales. It is popular for its ‘No Loan, No Fee’ policy.

How Does Paramount Home Loans Compare?


  • Specialises in hard-to-do loans
  • Provides loans for bad-credit borrowers
  • Low-doc residential loans
  • One-day ABN home loans, which can go to people whose businesses have been in operation for just one day
  • Does self-employed expat loans with 100% overseas income considered
  • Does second mortgages
  • Does off-the-plan property loans
  • Client relationships as a core value
  • More competitive interest rates than traditional banks


What Home Loan Types Does Paramount Mortgages Offer?


  • Low doc and full doc
  • Vacant land, incomplete construction, owner-builder
  • Rural: Working farm, unlimited acreage
  • Caveat – Second Mortgage
  • Jumbo residential private – up to $10 million and a number of commercial areas as well.

Tips For Applying With Paramount Mortgages

You can lodge your scenario through different templates available on the website. You can also simply send a scenario through Paramount Mortgages’ online form to find out whether you qualify. You can apply with Paramount Mortgages if you:
  • Are an Australian resident or an Australian expat
  • Have a bad credit history
  • Are looking for a second mortgage
  • Are looking for a home loan with competitive rates
  • Have enough knowledge of the property market and home loan process
  • Can afford to make a deposit of at least 20% of the property value (80% LVR)

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