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State Custodians Home Loans Review

State Custodians

Home Loan Experts’ Review:
five star5out of5stars

Founded: 2007

Owned by: A wholly-owned subsidiary of Resimac

Funded by: Resimac

LMI provider: Genworth, QBE and Resimac

Lender type: Non-bank, Specialist Lender

State Custodians is not an available lender on our panel. This is a review only.

Since being purchased by Resimac in early 2014, State Custodians operates more like a lender than it ever did in the past.

Their real selling point is that they are a specialist lender for tough loan scenarios and offer competitive pricing in these areas. Prior to their acquisition by Resimac, their management team was renowned in the industry and had an excellent reputation, although we’re not sure whether any of this team have remained.

They’re also award-winning having taken out Money magazine’s ‘Non-bank Lender of the Year’ award for five years in a row.

How do State Custodian’s home loans compare?

They’re great at

  • Cheap interest rates and keeping costs low
  • Great customer service and easy to work with
  • Simple products
  • Specialist offer for bad credit and low doc loans

But they’ve got some drawbacks…

  • Lending policy is conservative particularly when it comes to unusual securities (properties) and locations
  • Conservative with non-standard employment types like self employed applicants
  • High ongoing fees compared to some other non-banks
  • Resimac are well known for asking lots of questions and delaying approvals

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What types of home loans do they offer?

State Custodians offer two variable rate home loan packages that both come with 100% offset accounts. This is the State Custodians Standard Variable Loan and the State Custodians Breathe Easy Loan.

They also offer self employed and bad credit loans.

Will their interest rates stay low?

Lenders regularly offer low interest rates to entice customers and then find a way to put their rates up over time.

The honeymoon might be over but it doesn’t mean you have to cop it on the chin!

Monitor your rate or, better yet, get a mortgage broker that can do this for you.

There’s plenty of other low-cost home loan products out there and we have a panel of nearly 40 lenders to choose from.

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  • Olivia

    Hi, can you help me get a home loan with State Custodians even if they aren’t on your lending panel?

  • Hello Olivia, we can direct you to a mortgage broker who may be able to help but we can’t negotiate the home loan offer with them. However, we can help you find alternative options and check if they are the right lender for your situation or if there’s someone who can offer a more competitive deal. Please call 1300 889 743 to discuss this with an expert mortgage broker.