flagFounded: 1986

businessOwned by: Privately owned

monetization_onFunded by: Adelaide Bank

securityLMI Provider: Genworth and QBE LMI

account_balanceLender type: Non-Bank

Mortgage House look at things from a solutions-based approach to help with transactions that do fall outside that prime space.

They offer all types of loans – owner-occupiers, investors, self-managed super fund loans (which many lenders have pulled out from).

Mortgage House’s mission is to provide the loan, product, and service outcomes tailored to every client’s exact needs.

They proudly choose a path that ensures a continued focus on being competitive with their rates, offering diversity with their products and providing a customer service level merely unheard of in the industry.

How do Mortgage House’s home loans compare?



  • Some loan products include annual and monthly fees
  • No transparency upfront about costs and fees
  • Slow construction loan process
  • Unusual income and security is accepted only below 70% LVR
  • Limited branch network

What home loan types does Mortgage House have?

  • Variable Rate Home Loan. Their most common home loan, on which the interest rate can fluctuate, varying up and down depending on an extent of internal and external factors.
  • Fixed-Rate Home Loan. The interest rate is fixed over some time, usually between 1 and 5 years.
  • Toggle Offset Home Loan. This home loan gives you the option of both a fixed and a variable mortgage allowing you to split the loan to maximise your savings.
  • Split Home Loan. Split home loans have a combination of variable and fixed rates like toggle offset. However, there are no restrictions on how much can be fixed and how much can be variable.
  • Portable Home Loan. If you wish to relocate to a new property, portable loans allow you to take your mortgage with you when you move.
  • Interest Only Home Loan. This home loan allows you to only repay the interest portion of the mortgage, usually for a fixed period.
  • Line of Credit. If you need quick access to money, a line of credit may be the option for you.
  • Low Doc Home Loan. If you cannot provide evidence of regular income or full financial statements, then this is for you.
  • Construction Home Loan. A construction loan allows you to pay builders in agreed stages once sections of your home have been finished instead of paying upfront when you sign a contract.
  • Bridging Loan. If you are purchasing a new home and haven’t sold your current one, then a bridging loan is the best option.

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