flagFounded: 2001

businessOwned by: Privately owned

monetization_onFunded by: Advantedge (NAB) and Firstmac

securityLMI Provider: Genworth and QBE LMI

account_balanceLender type: Non-Bank, Mortgage Manager

Iden Group is a small non-bank lender based in Parramatta in Sydney, with branch offices Australia wide. They offer home loans and are very experienced with car loans and equipment finance.

Iden is a smaller lender, which means they can offer a personalised service that most other lenders can’t compete with.

However, because they’re small, they don’t have the scale to offer a range of funders like other mortgage managers do. Their partnership with Advantedge (NAB) allows them to offer low interest rates that wouldn’t normally be available through such a small lender.

How do Iden Group’s home loans compare?

They’re great at

But they’ve got some drawbacks…

  • Their lending policy through Advantedge is very strict
  • People with a bad credit history not typically considered
  • Not many mortgage brokers are accredited with Iden
  • Their low doc loan range is very limited
  • They don’t have a range of funders like other mortgage managers
  • Some smaller brands may hike interest rates after your loan is advanced

They’re experts in car loans and equipment finance

The car loan industry is a bit problematic and has a few unscrupulous operators. Iden are experienced in car loans and equipment finance and are a good choice if you don’t want to go to your bank for a car loan.

They have a range of products on offer including low doc and no doc loans.

What home loans types do they have?

Their home loans funded by Advantedge (NAB) include variable, fixed and line of credit home loans. They have a low doc loan, however, it isn’t as competitive as options that are available from other lenders.

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  • Kevin LB

    Hello, my friend recommended me to use Iden Group for equipment finance since they’re quite good at that. Is there any specific criteria that I’ll need to meet to qualify?

  • Hi Kevin, all business loans are generally considered case to case because of the uniqueness of each loan application. The credit department at Iden will likely consider your business experience, the type of business you’re running, the amount of capital you’ve invested and the equipment you’re buying. You can find out more about all this in the equipment finance business loans page: https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/business-loans/equipment-finance-business-loans/

  • GSam

    I’d very much like to get a home loan with a low interest rate with Iden Group but I don’t have a large enough deposit at the moment. I know that a guarantor can help with deposit and maybe even a discounted rate but I can’t go for that right now and so I would appreciate any tips that can help me save up quickly.

  • Yeah Iden Group are definitely great at offering lower interest rates to those with larger deposits. There are many ways that you can utilise to help with saving a larger deposit. You can save any extra money in a separate savings account, make use of the first home owners grant (if you’re a first home buyer), cap your standard of living, and more. Please check out this page to learn more:

  • Amber

    I was searching for Iden Group reviews here and there and on Facebook too and this one is actually pretty good. I really like the lender’s strengths and weaknesses being showcased. Do you perhaps have a review on their LMI provider as well?

  • Thanks for your comment, Amber. Yes, we do have a review on different mortgage insurers including Genworth as well as QBE LMI. Please check them out under the lenders mortgage insurance section on our website: