flagFounded: 2009

businessOwned by: AChoice Aggregation Services

monetization_onFunded by: NAB

securityLMI Provider: QBE

account_balanceLender type: Non-bank


ChoiceLend is not an available lender on our panel. This is a review only.

ChoiceLend is a white-label product offered by Choice Aggregation Services, which is essentially an aggregator for mortgage brokers. The funder that sits behind Choicelend is Advantedge, a distribution arm for NAB.

That’s where it gets a bit tricky since ChoiceLend mortgages are only available through Choice Aggregation Services mortgage brokers.

Despite the conflict of interest, ChoiceLend provides simple home loans at competitive prices.

How do ChoiceLend home loans compare?


  • Good interest rates because of the low overheads of being an online business
  • Rate discounts on offer if you’re willing to pay an annual fee
  • ChoiceLend is backed by one of Australia’s largest banks
  • They charge no monthly or ongoing fees
  • Simple products that are easy to setup and manage
  • Choice Home Loan brokers can order upfront valuations
  • Low doc loans and constructions loans are available
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Can make extra repayments
  • Unlimited loan split available


  • No branch access
  • They’re unlikely to help people with a bad credit history
  • Credit scoring will likely be tough
  • Interest rates and fees are not always competitive if you have a small deposit
  • No offset accounts available on their products
  • Home loans are only available through Choice mortgage brokers
  • Can’t do low doc loans
  • Loan processing can be slow

What types of home loans do ChoiceLend offer?

As mentioned above, ChoiceLend sell very basic home loan products in the form of a Fixed Rate Loan, a Variable Rate Loan, a Combo Loan (which is a split loan) and a line of credit.

Although there are no hidden fees when it comes to ChoiceLend home loans, their products don’t come with offset accounts, which can be a drawback for dual income families who tend to need a daily transaction account.

Will their interest rates stay competitive?

For the time being yes. Their variable rates are competitive, and will only change if they decide to change the rates after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announces the cash rate.

After your fixed rate ends, your mortgage will revert to a standard variable rate or an equivalent package interest rate.

The trick to getting around this is to hold ChoiceLend accountable, threatening to walk if they can’t offer you a better rate and knowing when to refinance your home loan.

If this sounds all too complicated, a mortgage broker can do it all for you and choose from a range of lenders in order to negotiate much sharper pricing.

Tip for applying with ChoiceLend

Use ChoiceLend’s loan application form to prepare for your mortgage application.

Note: This is the latest loan application form effective August 2017. Please refer to ChoiceLend for their most up-to-date document requirements.

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