flagFounded: 2006

businessOwned by: Privately owned

monetization_onFunded by: Wisr Finance Pty Ltd.

securityLMI Provider: N/A (No LMI charges)

account_balanceLender type: Neobank

Wisr is Australia’s ASX listed (ASX: WZR) neobank and a fintech pioneer in the rapidly growing consumer finance market.

Its purpose is to help everyday Australians get a smarter, fairer deal on personal loans. It offers a business model that is genuinely innovative, scalable, purpose-led and built to deliver long term value and profitability.

It is committed to creating products, apps and services that help Australians pay down their debt faster by fusing emerging fintech services along with traditional business operations.

Wisr, while describing itself as a technology company, is also a peer-to-peer provider of personal loans and investment solutions.

How do Wisr’s home loans compare?


  • Largest unsecured loan amounts available
  • Joint loans
  • Home renovations
  • No probation policy
  • No limit on the number of debts that can be consolidated
  • Casuals 9 months accepted
  • Fast turnaround time on packaged applications
  • Dedicated broker support team
  • Complete control of application from start to finish
  • Personal loans including gap finance, tax debts, and legal costs


  • Can be more expensive than main lenders
  • Enquiring with them will leave a mark on your credit score
  • Unresponsive customer support

What home loan types does Wisr have?

Debt Consolidation

You can combine some or all of your debts into your home loan so that you have one simple monthly repayment at a comparatively lower interest rate.

Home Renovations

Depending on your personal situation and the type of renovation you have in your mind, you can get a loan suitable for your renovation needs.

Personal Loans (Including Gap Financing)

Wisr currently provides one general-purpose personal loan product, which offers the following features: