flagFounded: 2019

businessOwned by: Andrew Walker, Chris Lumby

monetization_onFunded by: Bolton Equities (NZ)

securityLMI Provider: N/A

account_balanceLender type: Fintech Lender / Non-Bank Lender


Nano Digital Home Loans is not an available lender on our panel. This is a review only.

Rebranded from Verteva, Nano Digital Home Loans claims to be the future of home loans. Verteva started its journey as Nano after securing a $33-million capital raise, funded solely by NZ-based Bolton Equities.

Being in its soft launch phase, Nano is initially focusing on offering super-competitive interest rates to low-risk borrowers on their mortgages.

Zero fees in all its services and a simple and secure loan process requiring less effort make Nano a strong contender for becoming a digital lender choice in Australia.

How do Nano’s home loans compare?



  • No repayment holidays
  • Only provides refinancing loans currently
  • Requires at least a 25% equity
  • Not available for first home buyers
  • Doesn’t allow guarantors or other complex borrowers (such as Companies or Trusts)
  • Limited loan options
  • No portable loans
  • Accepts low-risk borrowers only
  • No split-mortgage facility
  • Difficult to get an exception for high debt, low credit, or unsteady income

What home loan types do they have?

Being in its earliest phase, Nano has all of it’s focus on refinancing existing home loans.

Refinance Loans

At the moment, Nano Digital only allows customers to refinance existing loans held at other financial institutions. Home loans for newly purchased properties, however, are yet to be introduced.

Refinances are available for:

  • Owner-occupied and investor loans
  • Principal and Interest and interest-only repayments
  • Joint or single application

Are Digital Home Loans A Good Idea?

Before you go on to embrace digital home loan system, it is always good to know what you are getting yourself into.
Other than them being a good way to *hopefully* minimize the loan processing period, digital home loans come with a bunch of benefits.

Easy application process

Digital lenders usually don’t require paperwork and visits. Based on your application and historical bank transaction activities, the application process is supported by a technology system. Depending on how the system assesses your banking and spending behaviour, this could be in your favour.

Self-serve at its best

Digital lenders give you the luxury of managing your home loan from your couch, using just your fingertips. Apply, complete the process, get accepted – all from your smartphone.

If you are basing your choice on proper research, digital lenders can be to your advantage.

Our Experts can help you with the research!

Tips for applying with Nano

You can refinance with Nano if your LVR is up to 75%. However, it has a minimum income requirement.
Nano sets a minimum loan amount of $100,000.

Other than that, the total amount that an applicant can borrow will depend on their personal financial situation.

If you qualify and are ready to take the leap, you can apply here.

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