flagFounded: Founded in 1880

businessOwned by: Customers

monetization_onFunded by: Retail deposits and wholesale capital markets

account_balanceLender type: Customer-Owned Bank

IMB is a medium-sized, customer-owned bank which focuses on the NSW South Coast, Illawarra and Sydney regions. Their commercial property loan offering is unique and is available from mortgage brokers across Australia.

As a customer-owned bank, they offer a superior level of customer service and competitive rates compared to the major banks.

While they usually undercut the major banks for commercial property loans under $1 million they tend to be less competitive for business loans and larger commercial loans.

How does IMB Commercial compare?

They’re great at

But they’ve got some drawbacks…

What does IMB Commercial do really well?

IMB Commercial is ideal for people who are buying a commercial property and want to borrow under $1 million. You’ll get a good interest rate, a long loan term, no annual reviews and a simple application process.

For larger loans you’re more likely to get a better deal from a major bank or 2nd tier lender. We would tend to put out a proposal and get offers from a variety of lenders which you could then choose from.

Why do so many people fix their commercial loans?

As with most commercial property lenders, IMB tends to offer better 2 or 3 year fixed rates than they offer with variable rates. Even when rates are predicted to rise their fixed rates still tend to be quite competitive.

By fixing for 2 years you can get a good deal but you have a much lower risk of break fees from having to exit the loan early.

IMB Commercial client story: Don, Vic



Mixed-use property, commercial property.


Landing himself a new job, Don and his wife decided to sell their home in the suburbs to be closer to his work in the city.

Don and his wife were able to make a profit of around $180,000 after paying out the existing mortgage on the house.

Although settlement on his old property was still a couple of weeks away, Don was eager to start property searching and he and his wife quickly fell in love with a townhouse suite located in a shopping centre development.

The couple had no children and the townhouse was in walking distance of restaurants, stores and entertainment so they quickly made an offer to the vendors who quickly accepted.

Don had already been pre-approved up to $500,000 but, unfortunately, the lender wouldn’t accept the property because it was mixed-use commercial/residential. Don needed to find a lender and fast.


Don quickly spoke to one of our specialist mortgage brokers about his situation and the broker was able to find a lender that could help.

In some cases, it’s actually possible to get a residential home loan at residential interest rates for a mixed use property.

In Don’s case, the property was double storey, with the residence upstairs and a store operating on the ground level.

As the broker explained, to make the deal work, they would have to go with a commercial loan, which comes with slightly higher interest rates. Don and his wife really wanted the property and were happy to pay the extra cost.

The purchase price for the townhouse was $520,000 and, luckily for Don, the valuation came in at the same price!

With Don’s deposit of $180,000, the couple only needed to borrow at 71% of the property value (LVR). This was great because the lender limited borrowing for mixed-use properties at 75% LVR.

The mortgage broker was able to move fast with the application and get Don’s loan approved soon after his old home settled.

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  • Warwick

    I have a savings account and a good history with IMB so I want to use get a mortgage with them to invest in a small, commercial petrol station. I can still qualify for 75% LVR for 25 years like normal commercial properties, can’t I?

  • Hey Warwick,

    A petrol station is a specialised commercial property so it’s unlikely that you can qualify for the same deal as for a small, standard commercial property. However, we may be able to negotiate a better deal and get up to 60% LVR for 25 years depending on how strong your current financial situation is as well as how you present your business plan and profit forecasting. You can find out more here:

  • turner

    I have a commercial property loan right now that I would like to refinance to IMB. How much does the loan need to be paid down to qualify?

  • Hi turner,
    When it comes to refinancing a commercial property loan, most lenders will only consider refinancing if the loan has been paid down to 60-70% of the property value. However, a commercial loan refinance at 80% of the property value can also be done in some cases. Despite this, it’s important to bear in mind that you may not always get sharpest interest rate if you refinance at such a higher LVR. There are many things that you’d need to keep in mind before refinancing so please check out our commercial loan refinance page to go through all of them:

  • Eddwards

    I would just like to secure some finance for some fitouts and upgrades to our existing commercial property. It will be used for a small factory and office premises so how much can you help me borrow up to? I’d prefer to go for max LVR… Doesn’t necessarily have to be IMP commercial although I do like them and have used them before.

  • Hey Eddwards,

    We can help you borrow up to 50% of the fit-out costs if you can’t provide a residential property as security. If you can or if you have a guarantor, we can help you borrow up to 100% of the property value. Our commercial loan specialists understand commercial lending policy and know which lenders can help and which will be conservative. Please call 1300 889 743 to discuss in detail with one of our experts.