Mortgage Broker

Getting a complete understanding of your situation and your goals is always the most important first step for Shaba.

With this knowledge, she is able to find a home loan solution that meets all of your requirements and advance your property portfolio dreams.

Shaba’s specialties

Shaba is a mortgage broker driven by customer satisfaction, unlike the banks, who are often driven by settlement numbers.

You’re never a number when it comes to Shaba.

To find you the right solution, she has dedicated several years of her career building an intimate understanding of the credit policies of nearly 40 lenders.

Her areas of specialty include:

Shaba’s background

Shaba comes from a broker support background so she has a complete understanding of the mortgage process from application to settlement.

Since then, she has spent almost two years working in our own customer care support team handling after settlement home loan changes requested by our clients.

This includes everything from refinancing to releasing equity for investment.

Her goal was to ensure customers were happy with their mortgage months and years after they were approved.

This is foreign concept to some banks and even some lenders but it’s simply further proof of Shaba’s focus on customer satisfaction.


  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Finance)


Kirsty Thys


Absolutely wonderful service and quick responses.

They made it happen against overwhelming odds and were always happy to help. Fantastic work both Shaba DC and Sleshma Shakya.

Well done from a happy customer. I would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you.

Jennifer Mills

Seoul, Korea

Although an Australian citizen it's difficult to find a loan when you work abroad. I live in Korea and wanted a loan to buy land to construct a house in Sydney.

Shaba was so helpful and although no bank was interested in Shaba's resourcefulness she found a company that provided me finance. This is the third time I have used Home Loan experts to get a loan from outside of Australia and I would highly recommend them.

Thanks to Shaba's help I now have my land in Sydney while living in Seoul. Great work by Shaba and Home Loan Experts.

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