Last Updated: 24th July, 2023

Mortgage Broker

Manish recognises that the home loan process can be confusing and time-consuming, whether you’re purchasing your first home, refinancing your existing home loan, or expanding your property portfolio.

His goal is to make the home loan application process as stress-free and simple as possible for his clients, saving them valuable time, money and effort.

Manish’s specialties

Manish has dedicated several years of his career developing an intimate understanding of the credit policies of nearly 40 lenders to find his customers the appropriate solution for their home loan needs.

His areas of specialty include:

Manish’s background

Manish’s mortgage broking career grew from a broker support support role in which he helped brokers create industry-leading customer experience, gaining valuable knowledge about the home loan process as a result.

Before eventually becoming the experienced mortgage broker he is today, he worked as Home Loan Experts’ in-house trainer for two years.

It was in this role that he taught new brokers the fundamentals of mortgages, honing his own expertise in helping clients to qualify for a home loan without any hurdles.

For Manish, a home loan is a means that allows his customers to get to the root of their challenges, overcome them, and take charge of their financial future.

Industry awards

Top 3 Mortgage Brokers in Sydney, NSW

In 2019, he made an independent third-party’s handpicked list of Top 3 Mortgage Brokers in Sydney, NSW.


  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking.
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Manish’s client stories


Patt C.


Where do I even start, when I sent an enquiry to Home loan experts I was literally defeated and at the end of my rope, we had been mucked around by 2 previous brokers at different companies and treated like we didn't matter, the home we were renting was being sold and it looked like we had no chance of being able to purchase it due to damage to my credit from a previous relationship and being naive.

Then within an hour of hitting send Manish called me, he was 100% honest( unlike the previous brokers), and he gave me some advice (although it wasn't what I was hoping for) on how to repair my credit and put us back in the running to own our home. I wanted to be told I could bypass the tricky stuff and get a mortgage and had been told that by others however, Manish was not having any part of my fairy tale.

He gave me step-by-step instructions and put me in touch with a company that he promised would help me, I was a little skeptical but hey, what did I have to lose? So, I did what he instructed and within 4 weeks we were ready to start our home loan journey!

My partner is a contractor, this makes the process a little tricky and I'm in healthcare so my wages are made up of multiple increments, also a little tricky and the bank made us go through business banking( complete nightmare) but Manish and his team were 100% with us through every roadblock and worked tirelessly to navigate through every twist and turn that we faced.

I can't thank Manish enough, and his team(for putting up with my calls) and for never giving up on us, we now have our mortgage, with a top lender and even after settlement we know that we have Manish and his team behind us while we navigate this next chapter in our lives.

It may not have been the quick fix I was originally looking for but Manish's expert knowledge and willingness to seek the help I needed outside of his own business, with no guarantee I would even return to him for my loan, was invaluable and we will be customers for life!

Vickie - TaiY

Northern Region, NSW

Best Service Ever!

I'm a first-home buyer and was confused about how all the paperwork needed to be done. Found home loan expert on google and totally trusted as they would guide you step by step and quick response. Highly recommend Manish and his team - Avi and Sanjeena.

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