Mortgage Broker

Motivated by his generation’s disillusionment with the property market, Kameron became a mortgage broker to help more young Australians believe in homeownership again.

He believes that by finding the right mortgage solutions for his clients, he can help them achieve their goals without compromising lifestyle.

Kameron’s specialties

His areas of specialty include:

Kameron’s background

The prospect of soaring property prices and high costs of living led many of Kameron’s friends and family to resign themselves to the notion of never owning their own home.

Kameron just couldn’t accept that and joined the Home Loan Experts team with more than 7 years customer service experience across hospitality and banking.

His finance career started in sales at National Australia Bank where he quickly rose to assistant team leader and eventually moved into a mortgage lending in 2015.

Eventually, Kameron became frustrated with the limited solutions that only one bank could offer and decided to move on to Mortgage House in 2016 as a mortgage lending officer.

With more products to choose from, he felt he could help customers with unique home loan requirements to find the right solution for their needs.

This calling soon brought Kameron to Home Loan Experts.

Kameron has a strong integrity, the mind of a mathematician and a heart of gold.


  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking.




Thank you, Kameron Gutierrez, for helping me out to refinance my house.

You have been a great help and have done a great job. I will definitely get in contact with you again if in the future I need to refinance.



I had the pleasure of having a consultation with Kameron. I found him very informative and really helped me understand the different type of home loans that were being offered.

I am not quite ready yet but I know I will be returning once it's time to make that first purchase.

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