Rojina is a seasoned broker who carries an extended experience in understanding loans and analyzing processes for her customers.

Her biggest asset is the acute ability to gauge through the loans from the perspective of different lenders; she is a master at providing customized services to the clients without burdening them with confusions or delay.

Rojina has a simple mantra – communication is key! She is a firm believer that the best work is done when the clients are constantly updated, and correct expectations are set. Nonetheless, her competitive spirit has pushed her to break her previous records.

Her vast knowledge and an earnest approach to work makes her a sought-after broker in Home Loan Experts.

Rojina’s specialities :

Rojina’s Background

Rojina is an MBA graduate with a stronghold in Finance. When she had just joined the company, she was inundated with a new world of corporate jargons and processes.

Soon enough, she equipped herself with towering lender-policies and eventually found a keen interest in decoding the “Australian Mortgage puzzle”.

Her records are outstanding – she has helped double home-loan settlement figures in the past while working as a Credit Analyst.

She has a grasp of varying lender products – from the major banks to specialist lenders. She can crack deals that get tossed by other lenders – be it with easing debt consolidation or interest rates.

Her attention to detail helps her understand both the lenders’ and clients’ perspective to package an approval-ready home-loan.


  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  • Master’s in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s in Business management

Rojina’s Client Stories


Dario F

Perth, WA

After multiple lenders and some of the top mortgage brokers were unable to help me refinance out of my extremely high interest rate (5.59%) and the lender didn't want to reduce it despite my relatively high income and low loan amount and risk profile because of some historic credit issues. Home loan experts and my team of Rojina Shivabhakti and Sneha Bista managed to get the job done. From the initial phone call, I had updates on an almost daily basis and had a pre-approval from a lender within a week, the refinance settled today and I couldn't be happier with my new rate of 2.18%. I thought it would be at least another 18 months before I could get a rate like this but home loan experts did what everyone else thought to be impossible and have saved me and my family 700 dollars a month which means the world on a single income with a young family!