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Vivienne Than

Mortgage Broker

With a strong work ethic, attention to detail and a desire to find the right finance solutions for her clients, Vivienne is a mortgage broker that goes above and beyond the call of a standard home loan application.

To her, there is a family behind a home loan and somebody’s financial dream behind every application.

Vivienne’s specialties

With a thorough knowledge of the credit policies of a number of Australian lenders, Vivienne has particular skills in:

Vivienne’s experience

After graduating university with a Bachelor of Commerce and International Studies majoring in Business Economics and Business Law, Vivienne began her finance career at Home Loan Experts in a support role for our senior brokers.

Her day-to-day role was to ensure client applications were processed from beginning to settlement and worked closely with senior brokers to build strong customer relationships.

With such a strong attention to detail and exceeding expectations, she was trained up to become a mortgage broker after just 6 months.

Continuing her focus on making the application process streamlined, She is proud to be in a role where she can help Australians achieve their dreams.



Pakenham, VIC

I always had this as my family’s menu: “Take it” or “Leave it”. But my home purchase experience added another phrase in between: "Work towards it".

Getting a home in this island continent seemed to be a distant dream for me. But it all started with a sceptical phone conversation with my mortgage broker, Vivienne Than, for the first time way back in October on whether I will be able to get a loan within my limits and existing constraints.

I was stunned by the swift response style with options for me to choose. Things moved quickly to conditional approval stage. Each of these phone conversations was sprinkled with humour by the way my name was pronounced. I still admire the way you pronounce my name, Vivienne, which is actually the way it is pronounced in my mother tongue. The best part is I have not seen Vivienne in person till this moment. She is my First Angel with whom I started the “Work towards it” to get a house.

Parallel to this, in the middle of the Victorian Spring of 2016, I buckled my shoes on the weekends for house inspections with a list of houses to inspect. Amidst the wide plastic smiles of the agents at the inspection venues, by chance, I stepped into a house, with an enterprising lady in Royal Blue greeting the visitors into a house (Weebill Way Pakenham). She is Kate Radcliffe from Harcourts. After, I saw the house, on enquiring about the process to reserve or book this house, Kate said that I need to pay a thousand dollars on the same day to kick start the cycle. Since I had other houses listed in the same area for inspection that day, my curious instinct added another query, “What if I choose not to buy the house after paying the booking amount?" Swiftly came the answer, “I’ll take you to Myer”. My funny bone tickled. So this is my Second Angel with whom I continued the “Work towards it” to get a house.

Again my First Angel worked towards getting my Unconditional Approval on time for the requested amount. My Second Angel complimented it by supporting during inspections and Contract of Sale documentation. The rest is history… All processes, procedures and legalities were followed.

Then came my Third Angel, Dora. I was only familiar with “Dora the Explorer” but it was an apt description as Dora Nicholson is also an explorer on the law-side, who delved into the necessary legalities in getting the paperwork in shape. After lots of discussions and talks, all aimed towards settlement, I finally met her on a sunny day at Clayton to express my gratitude with a bouquet. But more than the flowers, she beamed and made my day. I still like the way you say “okay” at the end of each sentence, Dora. She is my Third Angel with whom I did the “Work towards it” part to get a house.

"None of us is as smart as all of us." - Ken Blanchard

So these angels were smart and even better when supported by their teams: Vikki for Kate, Pramesh for Vivienne, and Bianca for Dora.

It has been a great journey to be associated with you all till the keys got handed over to me on 9 Jan 2017. I have finally worked towards it and have now achieved it.

I wish you all the very best and would recommend to anyone who will discuss property purchasing with me.


Guildford, NSW

My settlement occurred today. I cannot thank Vivienne Than enough for her expertise and straightforward attitude.

I was kept informed about everything from start to finish. As a discharged bankrupt, I thought it would be difficult for me to get a home loan. Vivienne found me a loan provider with a very reasonable interest rate and all the functions of a standard home loan.

I can now see myself building a property portfolio over time. I will definitely be using Vivienne's services in the future. I will happily recommend Vivienne to others!

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