Mortgage Broker

If you need a home loan to meet your short term or long term goals, Mohit is the “mortgage doctor” that’ll prescribe the home loan solution that matches your financial situation.

He recognises that a mortgage doesn’t end at approval or even settlement: it has to continue to work for you over the life of the loan.

Mohit’s specialties

His areas of specialty include:

Mohit’s background

Mohit has worked in the Australian mortgage industry for a number of years as a broker support officer, a post-settlement specialist and, previously, as an assistant broker.

His credit knowledge across major banks, second-tier and specialist lenders puts most other mortgage brokers to shame.

As a result, he knows exactly how to package a home loan application so it gets approved the first time around.

He also has the skills to negotiate a strong interest rate on your behalf and to push the banks when they’re dragging their heels on your application.


  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Finance Major)




Excellent and professional service provided by Mohit and Alisha at this firm. Understood our needs and our situation. Honest all the way through. Always kept us up to date in relation to the process.

Highly recommend for anyone considering reviewing their financial situation.



My husband had previously been self-employed for less than 6 months and has just gone back to work full time (full time employed for about two weeks at the time). Even though we had a good history, all the banks turned us away as soon as they heard he hadn't been in his current employment for very long.

Mohit and Sam worked with us and got us approved for the money we needed to buy our farm. We will definitely be working with them next year when we need a construction loan to build on the farm. I have recommended them to everyone.

Even if it is not difficult for you to get a loan through a bank, I would still use the brokers. It takes the stress out of the situation and they just manage the whole process and keep you updated with everything, rather than you having to chase up the bank about everything little thing and talking to a different person every time!

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