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Russell Munfaredi

Mortgage Broker

Russell Munfaredi values education and he practices what he preaches, completing a number of finance degrees over his career.

In addition to the vast education that he has acquired, he has several years of experience working in a number of senior roles at international financial institutions.

In spite of his finance expertise, he understands that the home loan process can sometimes be complex and he gets no greater pleasure than when he can make that process easy for his clients.

Russell’s specialties

Russell’s experience

Over his career, Russell has completed a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking, Diploma of Financial Planning, Diploma of Investment – Managed Investments, Securities & Derivatives, and a Diploma of Treasury and Capital Markets. Apart from that, he is accredited with an ACI Dealing Certificate.

Before joining Home Loan Experts, Russell worked as a broker with UK-based voice and electronic dealer brokerage ICAP, and before that, as a relationship manager at Mashreq, a bank based in the United Arab Emirates.

Apart from these roles, Russell held the role of a treasury dealer with the National Bank of Kuwait for more than 4 years.

He joined Home Loan Experts because he was inspired by our business model and culture of helping Australians who would normally struggle to qualify for a mortgage.



Brisbane, QLD

A big thank you to Russell and Shreya J. for everything!

It is really most appreciated. I honestly don't know if I would have been able to secure a home loan for my business and trust without you guys.


Melbourne, VIC

I couldn't believe how easy Home Loan Experts made things happen. My broker was Russell Munfaredi. Whatever I asked, Russell always had the answers. If he didn't, which was very rare, he would chase it up and get back to me within minutes. I cannot thank Russell enough for his support.

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