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Bibi Talevski

Mortgage Broker

With more than four years experience in the mortgage industry, Bibi has extensive knowledge on credit policy and the ability to truly identify the needs of her customers.

She takes a positive approach to helping her clients, whether it’s for applicants who have been let down in the past, people with complex situations and even applicants looking to build wealth through real estate.

As a specialist mortgage broker, Bibi fights hard for her clients while at the same time making the application process smooth and easy.

Bibi's specialties

Bibi's background

Bibi previously worked as a mortgage broker with specialist financial services firm Zero To Infinity.

It was during her four years in wealth management services that she truly recognised the power of having the right home loan for your needs in order for you to build the life you want.

Apart from buying home loans for owner occupied purchases, Bibi also specialised in the refinancing for the purposes of accessing equity for future investment.

Part of this involved Bibi recommending mortgage structures that would help her clients to best manage their loan such as negotiating a competitive interest rate on their behalf, recommending the right loan features and maximising any possible tax benefits based on adequate financial advice that her customers received.

From a high net worth and business owner perspective, she understands their needs better than most mortgage brokers and certainly better than the black and white approach that banks usually take. It’s the reason why she’s considered an expert in SMSF loans at Home Loan Experts.

No matter your background or financial goals, her past experience in wealth management means she never looks at situations on face value and always asks the right question to find the home loan that fits your situation best.


  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.
  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking.
  • TAFE – Diploma of Property (Real Estate).
  • TAFE – Interpreting Paraprofessional Diploma.