James Brett has almost two decades of experience in the mortgage industry. He has strong management and leadership skills, and is great at delegating responsibilities.

With over 17 years as a Business Development Manager (BDM), he has experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Having worked for major banks, he has learned to provide more diversified solutions to help customers reach their goals.

His extensive brokerage experience and a thorough understanding of real estate best practice have been invaluable for the broker team.

As an outstanding communicator, he has been successfully cultivating good community and business connections which will help the company.

He sets high personal standards for himself which is evident in his discipline and his long-standing relationships in the mortgage industry.


James specialises in:

  • Sales and relationship management with lenders, aggregators and other business partners
  • Residential and commercial mortgages (product and policy)
  • Efficiency, business development, new client acquisition, client retention, referral partners and marketing
  • Ongoing professional and personal development
  • Recruitment and assistance to help brokers resolve difficult issues with clients
  • Setting business goals and growing the company
  • Establishing, tracking and recording priorities
  • Negotiation


James grew up in Gunnedah, a town on the north-eastern part of New South Wales, home to no more than 10,000 people.

He attended boarding school in Sydney, alongside 1,200 other young men. At school, he learned to be independent, resilient, tenacious and self-motivated from a young age. He continued higher education in Sydney at UNSW. Over time, he completed several other courses.

To him, the most fulfilling and endearing journey is becoming a father to two girls (currently aged 3 and 6). This experience has brought a new perspective in his life and enhanced his skill to balance priorities and manage time.

General life principles that James follows are:

  • Have empathetic and compassionate relationships
  • Listen actively and talk less
  • Be constructive not destructive
  • Hold an assumption of people’s best intentions
  • Build and accumulate trust

His friendly character, hard work ethic and service of the highest standard, has positioned him as a leading BDM in the industry.

His different roles include:


  • B.Ec @ UNSW (University of New South Wales)
  • Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  • RG146 in Risk Insurance
  • MFAA – Accidental Counsellor – Recognise, Respond, Refer (support mental health)


Mohit's award seals
Mohit's award seals
James has been recognized for his extraordinary commitment as a BDM throughout the years. He has amassed numerous awards till date.

  • BBA 2020 Best Aggregator BDM NSW/ACT (Finalist)
  • BBA 2019 Best Aggregator BDM NSW (WINNER)
  • AMA 2019 Best Aggregator BDM (Finalist)
  • MFAA 2019 BDM Aggregator Award (State Finalist)
  • FBAA (Awards of Supremacy) 2019 BDM Aggregator of the Year (WINNER)
  • AMA 2018 Best Aggregator BDM (Finalist)
  • MFAA 2018 Excellence Award (State Finalist)
  • MFAA 2018 BDM Aggregator Award (National Finalist)
  • MFAA 2018 BDM Aggregator Award (State Winner)
  • FBAA (Awards of Supremacy) 2018 BDM Aggregator of the Year (WINNER)
  • MFAA 2017 Excellence Award (State Finalist)

In the news:

James has been quoted in the media over the years and has been a regular contributor to different media outlets:

  • MPA Magazine – To help improve lives: What gives this BDM a “gigantic kick”