Mortgage Broker

Daniel’s sharp eye for detail and his drive to put his clients in a better financial position make him one of the most professional mortgage brokers in the industry.

With a passion for real estate investing, Daniel recognises the power of property in unlocking financial goals and long-term dreams.

Daniel’s specialties

Daniel has a deep understanding of the financial challenges of everyday Australians.

He knows how to build a clear picture of his client’s situation and find a solution that best matches their circumstances and goals.

His areas of specialty include:

Daniel’s background

Daniel has several years of experience in banking, firstly at international bank HSBC and later at CommSec.

At HSBC, Daniel worked as a client relationship officer for credit card and personal loan customers.

Over his 3-year role, he worked closely with clients who were struggling to meet their repayments and develop repayment plans that were in their means.

His goal was to make sure his clients could catch up with their repayments and wouldn’t fall into arrears.

Taking into account their asset position and debt level, one of the ways he helped his clients was to freeze the interest rate on the loan or credit card.

Very early on in his career Daniel found that Australians who accrue large debt or fall into arrears aren’t “bad people”.

Sometimes life can throw you a curveball and you just need a second chance to get back on your feet.

After HSBC, Daniel shifted gears slightly and spent the next 3 years at CommSec placing trades for a variety of people, from mums and dads to sophisticated investors.

Of course, one of the great assets to own in Australia is real estate.

That’s when Daniel decided to become a mortgage broker and help more people to own property and build their financial future.

Daniel’s hobbies

Daniel has a passion for real estate investing, travel, snorkelling, woodwork and considers himself a bit of a dog whisperer.


  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.
  • Certificate IV in Finance Finance and Mortgage Broking.