Can you provide evidence that you saved your deposit yourself? Will your payslips be enough or will you need a letter from your employer?

These are just some of the documents required in order for your mortgage application to be processed.

Find out what other statements and evidence you’ll need with our application documents checklist.

Standard loans

Basic application information

Here is a list of documents you’ll need to provide for all types of loans:

  • Short application form (provided by your broker).
  • Three forms of identification such as a drivers licence, passport and Medicare card.

You’ll then need to provide different documents depending on your personal situation and the type of loan that you are applying for.

For example if you have a job and are purchasing a home, then refer to the below purchase and PAYG applicants sections.

If you need assistance in obtaining these documents, please get in touch with one of our mortgage brokers on 1300 889 743.


Unless you have already been approved, applicants must provide a copy of the contract of sale. What you need to provide varies between states:

  • NSW: front page
  • QLD: first two pages
  • VIC: particulars page
  • SA: first two pages
  • WA: Offer & Acceptance (both pages)
  • ACT: front page
  • NT: all pages
  • TAZ: front page

As a general rule, best practice is to always provide a copy of the full sales contract because home loan approval can sometimes depend on ‘special conditions to the contract’.

For example, there may be a caveat registered on the property, an easement or the property may be under a fixed term tenancy.

This information is typically not detailed on the front page alone.

Learn more about what to look for in a Contract of Sale and what can catch you out when purchasing a property.

You’ll also need to provide evidence of your deposit:

Refer to our statements and transaction histories page which explains how to obtain both of these easily from internet banking.


While the exact requirements vary significantly between different banks, you’ll typically need to provide evidence of all of your current debts:

  • Most recent statement and transaction history for the last six months for your home loan that is being refinanced.
  • Most recent statement for any home loans not being refinanced (if applicable).
  • Most recent credit card statement (if applicable).
  • Most recent personal loan statement (if applicable). This includes car loans.

Refer to our statements and transaction histories page which explains how to obtain both of these easily from internet banking.

PAYG applicants

Your broker will require:

  • Your two most recent payslips.
  • (Optional) A letter from your employer confirming your income.
  • (Optional) Your last year’s group certificate.

Self-employed applicants

Your broker will require:

  • Two years personal tax returns.
  • Two years personal tax assessment notices.
  • Two years company/partnership/trust tax returns.
  • Two years financial statements (if available).

For self-employed contractors, you will need to provide:

  • As many invoices as you can provide.
  • For the cheque account where you receive your pay, we will require the most recent statement and a transaction history for the last six months.
  • A copy of your agreement with the company that you contract to.
  • A letter from your client that proves your income and confirms if you have employees and other expenses.

Call us on 1300 889 743 so our brokers can tell you exactly what the lender requires from you.

Specialist loans

Guarantor loan

When applying for a mortgage with a guarantor, the following information will need to be supplied by your parents (or whoever the guarantor is):

  • Completed guarantor short application form (provided by your broker).
  • Three forms of ID e.g. drivers licence, passport, Medicare card, etc.
  • Council rates notice of the property being used as security for the guarantee.
  • One recent statement for the mortgage currently on the guarantor’s property (if applicable).

Guarantors should feel free to call us on 1300 889 743 if they have any questions at all.

Bad credit

For applicants with black marks on their credit file including defaults and judgments, your broker will require the following documents in order to assess your application:

  • A signed and dated letter explaining your credit history.
  • If the default has been recently paid, provide evidence of payment to your broker.
  • If the default has been or is currently being disputed please provide all correspondence between you and the creditor or the debt collection agency that lodged the default.

Low doc loans

If you can’t provide all of the income verification documents usually required for a home loan application, you’ll need to provide your broker with:

  • Your Australian Business Number (ABN).

You will also need to provide one form of limited income evidence. The three options are:

Non-resident documents

Temporary residents will be required to provide:

  • A copy of the email sent from the Department of Immigration confirming your visa approval, or
  • A clear copy of your passport and the page of the passport that has your current visa.

For Australians or foreign citizens living overseas:

  • A copy of your passport.

For 457 visa holders, evidence of your approval will need to be supplied.

Please go to our Non-Resident Documents page to find a full list of what paperwork is accepted by most lenders when assessing your loan application.

Evidence of FIRB approval may be required prior to your loan being advanced.

Alternatively, please call us on 1300 889 743 if you have any questions or concerns.

SMSF documents

Purchasing property for your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) will require you to provide various tax documents:

  • A certified copy of the SMSF trust deed.
  • A certified copy of the custodian trust deed.
  • The last 2 years financial reports and income tax returns on all related entities supported by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Tax Agent Portal.
  • Fund income tax and regulatory return.
  • For newly established super funds, evidence of ability to meet stated super contributions e.g. personal tax returns and/or payslips.
  • The latest super fund statement for any fund/s you were a member of prior to the establishment of your SMSF
  • The last 2 years audited SMSF annual returns
  • A letter from accountant confirming the company trustee is not trading. You can find a template for this letter on our ‘Accountant’s Letter For A Bank’ page.


For discretionary, family or unit trusts and companies, the following documents will need to be supplied:

  • Name and ABN of the company or trust.
  • Copy of the stamped trust deed.
  • Copy of the company constitution.

Construction loans

Owner Builder

Owner builder construction loans are available from a few select lenders if you have equity in your land, savings, or a guarantor that is willing to provide additional security for your mortgage.

Here are the documents that the lender will require:

  • Full copies of the council approved plans/specifications.
  • Detailed budget. Our brokers will provide a spreadsheet for you to input your data.
  • Copies of all quotes/estimates.
  • Copy of soil test and quantity surveyor comments (required by some lenders).
  • Detailed schedule of the build (required by some lenders).
  • Copy of insurance policies including builder’s insurance of the works and public liability.

Vacant land construction

When purchasing a block of land that is registered, the contract of sale is usually sufficient enough evidence to provide your broker with.

If the land is unregistered then the contract will include a plan of the subdivision of the block as well as the estimated date the land will be registered.

However, because the contract only shows a potential lot number, the lender can provide an approval subject to the title details being provided prior to settlement.

Above all, it’s important to provide as many details and documents of the building plans as possible. This includes:

  • Building contract or a formal written tender.
  • Full copies of the council approved plans.
  • Builder’s schedule of finishes/specifications.
  • Additional documents such as the builders insurance will be needed prior to construction commencing.

With any type of construction, the evidence and paperwork required varies from lender to lender. Please call one of our expert brokers on 1300 889 743 to obtain a checklist of specific documents that you’ll need to provide.

Download application documents checklist

Application documents checklist
  • Noah

    For a low doc loan, isn’t there any other way to verify our income aside from using 12 months BAS, 6 months bank statements or an accountant’s letter?

  • Hi Noah,

    Yes, there are ways to verify your income aside from using the documents you’ve mentioned. This includes using old tax returns, invoices and bank statements, future income, etc. You can find out more about all this on our alternate income verification page:

  • Tryphosa

    For a business loan, what documents can banks accept to verify my business income?

  • Hey Tryphosa,

    Here are some common ways to prove your business income:
    – Projected cash flow statements.
    – Bank statements and tax returns.
    – Your Year To Date (YTD) income from MYOB, in some cases.
    – Your Net Cash After Operations, in some cases.
    If you’re not able to provide these then you can opt for a low doc business loan.

  • Rowan

    Hello, what documents will I need to provide to the bank before first drawdown on the construction loan?

  • Hi Rowan,

    In order to release the first lot of funds to the builder, you’ll need to provide:
    – A signed building contract,
    – A Quantity Surveyor report (depends on cost of building project),
    – Council-approved plans, and
    – Evidence of builders insurance.

  • Lane

    My bank is asking me for clarification on my employer’s letter regarding a consistent overtime income. May I please get some idea of what to put in the letter?

  • Hi, here’s a template that you can use as a guide:

    “John is required to work overtime as a condition of his employment. He has been working overtime on a regular basis and can reasonably be expected to continue to work overtime in the foreseeable future. It is likely that additional work will be available should John decide that he would like to earn more than his current salary and overtime payments.”

    Hope this helps.

  • Lane

    Yes, it does! Thanks.

  • Burnett

    Is it possible to have my guarantor removed at 90% LVR instead of at the usual 80%?

  • Hey Burnett,
    Yes, and to do so, you’ll need to internally refinance your mortgage. If your bank isn’t offering you a competitive rate then it may be worthwhile to speak to us and we’ll let you know which other lenders are available. Keep in mind that different banks will value your home at different amounts. We can order an upfront valuation with more than one lender which allows you to choose the lender with the highest valuation.