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ACT Solicitor

What does an ACT Solicitor do?

Paradigm Legal have a team of experienced legal practitioners based just outside of Canberra who provide conveyancing services across both NSW and the ACT. They adopt a flexible approach to service delivery to their clients, including a preference for after-hours and email correspondence.

Unlike in the other states of Australia, all of the ACT properties have leasehold titles. In other words you have a 99 year lease on the land, which is then renewed by the government at the end of the term. Although the government has the ability to not renew your lease, in practise ownership in the ACT is as stable as in NSW which has predominately freehold title.

When you buy a property in Canberra you are actually buying the right to lease the land from the government.

ACT Conveyancing Fees

By being innovative in their approach to matter management, they are able to offer highly competitive rates of $700 incl GST (plus disbursements) for the sale or purchase of residential Torrens Title properties across all areas of NSW and residential leasehold interest in the ACT.

Disbursements are typically $280 to $350 depending on the state the property is in and if your are purchasing or selling.

Paradigm Legal would be happy to provide you a competitive quote for the conveyance of any Rural, Strata (Unit Title in the ACT) and Community Title properties.

They are also offer to provide their clients with a professionally drafted Will for $77.00 including GST after their sale or purchase has been completed.

Contact Paradigm Legal

If you would like to know more about the services that John & his team can offer then please contact him directly on the below details:

John Wilton
Paradigm Legal
PO Box 74, Jerrabomberra NSW 2619 (Near Canberra)
Ph: 0407 412 040
Fax: 02 4816 1890

We are not affiliated with Paradigm Legal and do not receive any income from recommending their services. We recommend John because we believe he is one of the best conveyancers we have dealt with in the Canberra or the ACT.

  • Rory

    Hmm… I seem to have found a conveyancer but I’m still deciding whether or not to buy in ACT. I’d like to research a bit more so does Home Loan Experts have a page on buying an ACT property?

  • Hey Rory, we do have a page on buying an ACT property. It has a lot of info including the amount you can borrow as well as a clear explanation of how a Canberra property is actually leasehold, which you may find helpful. Here’s the page: