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A VIC conveyancer is a qualified professional who prepares the legal documentation for the selling and buying of a property within the Victorian region.

They are a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers VIC Division and they are regarded as a Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC).

Ethnico Conveyancing

Dora works for Ethnico Conveyancing and deals with all properties across Victoria. She is a highly experienced professional and we now recommend her for all of our customers in Victoria. In addition to this, Dora works promptly with great detail and gets positive feedback from all her customers.

Conveyancer fees

Dora charges less than most conveyancers in Victoria, as outlined below:

  • Purchase Conveyancing: $820 plus GST ($82).
  • Off the plan/subdivision: $840 plus GST ($84).
  • Sale Conveyancing: $900 plus GST ($90).
  • Sale Conveyancing for Units: $950 plus GST ($50).
  • Transfer / Refinance: $363 plus GST ($36.30).
  • Lodgment and Registration of Sub-Division: $363 plus GST ($36.30).

Please note that all prices include disbursements.

Contact Ethnico Conveyancing

If you’d like to know more about the services Dora can offer to you then you can contact her directly on the below details:

Dora Nicholson
Ethnico Conveyancing
12/A Thomas St, East Brighton VIC 3187

Ph: 03 9557 9338

Disclaimer: Home Loan Experts is not affiliated with Ethnico Conveyancing and do not receive any income from recommending their services. We recommend Ethnico because we believe they are one of the best conveyancers we have dealt with in Victoria.

Bridge Legal

Since 2012, Emma Jones has been a senior member of the Bridge Legal team. A country girl at heart, she completed her law degree in Townsville and today specialises in a number of different conveyancing fields including:

  • Reviewing Contracts of Sale to ensure that her clients understand their legal rights.
  • Advising on stamp duty and land tax fees that may apply to a property purchase.
  • Liaising with banks and mortgage brokers to ensure a smooth settlement process.
  • Preparing statement adjustment sheets so her clients know where they stand on outstanding council and water rates that must be paid as part of settlement.

Outside of these fields, she has extensive experience in drafting wills, power of attorney and enduring guardianships.

Conveyancer fees

Buying or selling a residential home, unit, off the plan or vacant land

  • $1,300.00 plus GST.
  • $150.00 for sundries including photocopying, postage and stationery.
  • $50 for archiving.
  • $300 for disbursements.

Purchasing through an SMSF

  • $1,500.00 plus GST.
  • 150.00 sundries for photocopying, postage and stationery.
  • $50 for archiving.
  • $300 for disbursements.

Please note that all prices exclude GST.

Contact Bridge Legal

If you’d like to know more about the services Emma can offer to you, contact her directly on the below details:

Emma Jones
Bridge Legal
Level 4
320 Adelaide Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Ph: (07) 3062 2801
Fax: (07) 3236 1709

Lawlab Conveyancing

Lawlab is a highly rated national conveyancing provider whose team have delivered over 40,000 conveyances with a value of over $15 billion.

The team at Lawlab believe that conveyancing should be a stress-free and convenient process for everyone involved, and with this mind have created a new streamlined approach to conveyancing.

They provide:

  • Andrew Birt

    Dora has helped my wife with the purchase of her 1st house and again with our joint purchase of our family home. We had issues with the owner but Dora negotiated the issues and got us a positive result. Highly recommend Dora to anyone!

  • Hi Andrew great to hear it! Dora is a gem. I hope you enjoy your new home.

  • GTX80

    Hi, I live in Victoria and wanna buy a house here. Dora will likely be the conveyancer I use but I haven’t actually found a property yet. Do you guys have a page on some Victoria properties that I can check out?

  • Hi there, we have a list of Victorian suburbs and specific addresses of a wide range of different types of properties and you can check it out here:

  • Everhart

    Yeah the conveyancing fees seem reasonable. What other costs might I have to be prepared for when buying a house? Just need a simple estimate so I can plan things out.

  • Hey Everhart,

    You can expect to spend up to 5% of the contract price on fees, duties and charges such as purchase stamp duty, transfer fee and registration fees. Additionally, there are the inspection / report costs which can go up to $600 in total, loan fees that can be nil or up to $900 and LMI if you’re borrowing more than 80% LVR.

  • Everhart

    So how much may I have to pay in LMI? I’ve read that this can be up to several thousands of dollars.

  • You can simply use our LMI calculator to get a quote as well as find out about the policies of different lenders regarding this. Here’s the link to the calculator:

  • Everhart

    Thank you :)

  • Daven P

    I’m not buying but selling a house so how can a conveyancer help me?

  • Hi Daven,
    A conveyancer can help sellers by preparing legal documents like Contract of Sale and Vendor’s Statement, ensuring the seller has met all disclosure obligations, co-ordinating the day of settlement with the buyer’s conveyancer, attending the settlement and direct the real estate agent to hand over the keys to the buyer after the settlement.

  • Angry Bird

    I had such a bad experience with her unprofessional.
    I was informed to acting on my final settlement at 4.00pm BY EMAIL a day before my settlement, which I didn’t know.
    So I got a phone call in the 10.00 am in the morning about the details, and had to tell my manage I need half day off to deal with it.

    My final settlement figure is incorrect. Worst of all, for the amount of the money Vendor has agreed to pay me was not included in the final figure.

    After two months, I am still in my way to seeking rebuisement…

    Such a pain…