A NSW solicitor is a professional who handles the legal documentation and preparation for people making property transactions in New South Wales.

We have a couple of recommended conveyancers that can help you in reviewing your Contract of Sale, help you to understand your rights as a buyer or seller, and facilitate a smooth settlement process.

Bridge Legal Solicitors

For more than 4 years, Ian Agamalis has been servicing clients in NSW and works closely with Bridge Legal principal Amanda Spencer.

Amanda has been in the industry for more than 20 years and is an Accredited Property Law specialist.

We recommend Ian because not only does he take pride and offer attention to detail in all work undertaken, but he also has an attitude geared towards getting the job done with the best possible result for you as the customer.

How can they help?

Bridge Legal provides the following services:

  • Review your Contract of Sale to ensure that you understand the details related to the property you’re purchasing.
  • Advise you on your stamp duty and any land tax liabilities.
  • Liaise with your bank and mortgage broker to ensure funds are ready for settlement.
  • Prepare a statement of account that outlines the funds to be used for purchase. This is so your accountant can use it for any tax benefits that you may be eligible for.
  • Prepare a settlement adjustment sheet which explains the portion of council and water rates that you are liable for as well as advise of any outstanding arrears on these fees.

Conveyancing fees

Under the Legal Profession Act 2014, solicitors are entitled to charge fees that are fair and reasonable. In some areas, the laws are regulated by fee scales.

Bridge Legal provides legal services in property and conveyancing law, including off the plan purchases, self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF), strata title, house and land packages, community title and options to purchase.

They want to ensure the process of buying your home or investment property is smooth and hassle-free.

The following fee schedule will apply.

Buying or selling a residential home, unit, off the plan or vacant land

  • $1,300.00 plus GST.
  • $150.00 for sundries including photocopying, postage and stationery.
  • $50 for archiving.
  • $300 for disbursements.

Purchasing through an SMSF

  • $1,500.00 plus GST.
  • 150.00 sundries for photocopying, postage and stationery.
  • $50 for archiving.
  • $300 for disbursements.

Please note that all prices include GST. Prices disclosed are for properties up to the value of $1,000,000. Prices exceeding this are priced on application.

Contact Bridge Legal

If you would like to know more about the services Ian can offer to you, contact him directly on the below details:

Ian Agamalis
Bridge Legal
Level 12
56 Berry Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

Ph: (02) 8294 2650
Fax: (02) 9455 0881
E-mail: ian@bridgelegal.com.au
Website: www.bridgelegal.com.au

We are not affiliated with Bridge Legal and do not receive any income from recommending their services. We recommend Ian Agamalis because we believe he is one of the best solicitors we have dealt with in Sydney, and is an expert in conveyancing.

  • Bessell

    I’m buying out my ex-partner so I just want to know if I have to speak with a solicitor or a conveyancer or can I skip that?

  • Hey Bessell,

    There can be complex family law involved when it comes to buying out your ex-partner. A qualified professional solicitor who specialises in family law can help you immensely such as helping confirm whether or not stamp duty will be applicable in the transfer of ownership. So unless you’re completely sure of what you’re doing, it’s highly recommended that you speak with a solicitor or conveyancer.

  • Morrison

    Ok so a conveyancer can cost me up to $2,000. What about you guys? How much will I need to pay your brokers?

  • Hi Morrison,

    Our services are free in most cases because we’re paid by the bank for bringing them the business that would have otherwise been brought by their staff. However, there are some situations where we charge some fees, e.g. when you’re borrowing less than $200k, you have a very complicated situation or loan, or you plan to pay off the loan within 2 years of getting it. Please check out the fees page if you’d like details:

  • magnum

    Hi, I want to buy a house in the ACT so are there any other conveyancers whose services I can consider that work in the ACT?

  • If you’re buying in the ACT, you can also consider the services of Paradigm Legal, a group of experienced legal practitioners based just outside of Canberra who provide conveyancing services across both NSW and the ACT. We have a page on them, which you can check out for more info: