Last Updated: 24th November, 2022

Do you have your Tax ID Number ready?

Whether you’re a foreign citizen or an Australian living abroad (Australian expat), you’ll be required to provide your Tax Identification Number (TIN) when applying for a mortgage in Australia.

Where do I find my tax file number?

This table will help you to find your Tax ID Number:

Country Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) TIN Format Where to find it
Canada Social Insurance Number (SIN) 999 999 999 (9 characters) Tax Returns and Assessments
China China ID Number 99999999999999999(X/9) – (18 characters) ID Card
Denmark CPR Number 999999-9999 (10 characters) Passport or Health Insurance Card
Finland Finish Social Security Number (sosiaaliturvatunnus (SOTU)) 999999(+/-/A)999(A/9) (11 characters) Passport, ID Card or Driving Licence
France Numéro Fiscal de Référence (Numéro SPI) 99 99 999 999 999 (13 characters) Prefilled Tax Returns or Tax Assessments
Germany Tax Identification Number (Identifikationsnummer) 99999999999 (11 characters) Tax Assessment or ID Number letter
Greece CPR Number 999999999 (9 characters) Tax Completeness Status Document, Tax Refund Status Document or Certificate of issued TIN
Hong Kong HK ID Number A9999999(9/A) (8 characters) ID Card
India Permanent Account Number (PAN) AAAAA9999A (10 characters) PAN Card or PAN Allotment Letter
Ireland Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) 9999999(A/AA) (9/9 characters) Tax Returns
Italy Tax Identification Number (Codice Fiscale) AAAAAA99A99A999A (16 characters) Health Card or TIN card
Japan Social Security and Tax Number (Individual Number/My Number) 999999999999 (12 characters) Notification Card or Individual Number Card
Korea Resident Registration Number 999999-9999999 (13 characters) Resident Registration Card or Passport
Malaysia Tax Reference Number (Nombor Rujukan Cukai) 9999999999 (10 characters) Tax Returns or Online Portal (e-Daftar)
Malta Identity Card Number 9999999(A/99) (8/9) characters) Passport or ID Card
Netherlands ID Number 999999999 (9 characters) Passport, ID Card or Driving Licence
New Zealand IRD Number 9999999(9/99) (8/9 characters) Tax Returns and Assessments or Letter of Notification
Singapore National Registration Identification Card Number (NRIC) or Foreign Identification Number (FIN) A9999999A (9 characters) ID Card
South Africa Tax Identification Number 9999/999/999 (10 characters) Tax Returns and Assessments
Spain National Identity Card Number (DNI) or Foreigners’ Identification Number (NIE) (9/A)9999999A (9 characters) ID Card or Foreigners’ Resident Card
Sweden Personal Identity Number (personnummer) or Co-ordinaton Number (samordningsnummer) 999999(+/-)9999 (11 characters) Passport, ID Card or Diving Licence
Switzerland Old-age and Survivors’ Insurance Number (AHV-Versichertennummer)) 999.9999.9999.99 (13 digits) AHV Card or Health Insurance Card
Taiwan National Identification Number/Uniform ID Number A999999999 (10 characters) AA99999999 ID Card, Taiwan Area Resident Certificate or Alien Resident Certificate
Thailand Tax Identification Number or Thai National Identification Number 9 9999 99999 99 9 (13 characters) Thai National ID card, Tax Registration Notification or Tax Returns
United Kingdom National Insurance Number (NINO) or Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) NINO: AA999999A (9 characters)
UTR: 9999999999 (10 characters)
HMRC Notices, Tax Returns or UK Payslips (P60)
United States Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) SSN: 999-99-9999 (9 characters)
ITINL: 999-99-9999 (9 characters)
Tax Returns, Tax Forms or Social Security Card
Vietnam Tax Code (Mã Sṍ Thuḗ) 9999999999 (10 characters) Tax Registration Certificate, Personal Tax Code Card, Tax Returns or Tax Notices

Why do I need to provide my TIN?

The TIN requirement was introduced under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) which came into effect on 1 July 2017.

The CRS is the international standard for the collection, reporting and exchange of financial account information on foreign tax residents and follows on from the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) introduced in 2014.

As mortgage brokers, we need to provide this information to banks and lenders because the CRS requires financial institutions to report information to overseas governments so they can calculate tax correctly.

Bear in mind that while the CRS came into effect on 1 July 2017, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been reviewing financial accounts, including home loan facilities, since the first half of 2018.

What will my Tax ID Number be used for?

This information is reported to the ATO who share this with the relevant foreign tax authorities who have signed onto the CRS.

In exchange, the ATO receives information on Australians living abroad (Australian expats) in another tax authority.

The scheme is designed to ensure non-residents with financial accounts, including a mortgage, are complying with the rules of their overseas tax authority.

The same is true for Australian expats with financial accounts in other countries.

Will it affect you qualifying for a home loan?

We don’t believe the CRS scheme will impact the way banks assess your mortgage application.

What if I can’t provide my TIN?

Not all countries have signed onto the CRS.

In this case, you won’t be required to provide your Tax Identification Number but we imagine most countries will onto the CRS in the near future.

In other cases, some countries don’t have a personal tax system, such as Saudi Arabia, so they don’t issue TINs.

This is acceptable to some lenders as well but it’s important to speak with us first so we can find a lenders that can consider your mortgage application.

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