Last Updated: 29th November, 2021

While you want to make sure your home loan gets approved, don’t hesitate to research how to get a lower interest rate, too. Interest rates are determined by multiple factors, such as: the lender you are considering, your income, your deposit and more. You can certainly do some things on your end to improve the rate you receive. Let us guide you through 6 quick tips tailored by our Experts that may help you get a lower interest rate.

How To Lower The Interest Rate On Your Mortgage

Improve Your Credit Score

Starting from your payment history and account balances, your lender will take a good look at your credit situation when analysing your application. If you aim to secure the lowest interest rate possible, it’s time you start improving your credit. In case you are applying for a joint loan with a spouse or other partner, pay attention to their credit as well. Although credit bureaus like Equifax don’t disclose their credit score calculation process, here’s a brief estimation of the formula they use: