Rental Reference Letter

Why might a bank need a rental reference letter?

A rental reference letter is a letter from a landlord or property manager that confirms the amount of rent you pay for the property you are residing at.

By providing the bank with a rental reference letter, you are able to prove to them that you have been paying rent on time and have not missed any payments.

From the bank’s perspective, it shows that you are capable of making repayments promptly on the due date and you will be able to do the same for a mortgage.

Please note that the banks will not consider a rental reference letter from your landlord as proof of genuine savings. Only a rental reference letter from the property manager can suffice for this purpose.

Rental reference template 1 (Genuine savings)

Use this letter template if you are required to provide evidence of your rental history to your bank. Some lenders can use your rental history as genuine savings.


To whom it may concern,

Re: Rental reference – John Smith

We wish to confirm the following:

  • Tenant name(s): John Smith
  • Property address: 1 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Commencement date of lease: 1/1/2007 to present
  • Current rent: $450 / week
  • Payment history: All payments have been on time during the last 12 months

Should you require any further information please contact me on 02 9000 0000.



Paul Adams
Property Manager

1 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000
Ph 02 9000 0000

Rental reference template 2 (General use)


To whom it may concern,

This letter is to verify that John Smith has been a tenant in our rental unit located at 1 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 from 2nd February 2009 to current date.

The monthly payment is $1,470 and has always been paid on time. This tenant has proven to be an upstanding individual and has shown respect to the property and other tenants.

If I can assist you with further information regarding John Smith’s residency at my property, please feel free to contact me on 02 9000 0000.



Paul Adams
Property Manager

1 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000
Ph 02 9000 0000

What catches people out?

Having a good rental history isn’t always enough to get your home loan approved. Often banks have complicated lending policies which exclude some tenants.

Some examples are:

  • If you are a sub-tenant (not on the lease).
  • Privately-rented properties (not via a real estate agent).
  • If you do not have a 12 month history.
  • If other people are on the lease with you (share accommodation).
  • If you have moved house during the last 12 months.

If you are in one of these situations then please call us on 1300 889 743 or enquire online and one of our mortgage brokers will let you know which banks can assist you.

Bank requirements for a rental reference letter

Australian lenders have strict requirements for letters confirming the rent you pay for a property and will often ask for a letter to be amended if it does not meet their requirements.

Your rental letter should:

  • Be dated
  • Be signed
  • Contain the name of the person who signed the letter.
  • Contain the full name of tenant/s as per tenancy agreement.
  • Include the address of the tenanted property.
  • Include the amount of rent paid per cycle (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly).
  • Confirm an acceptable 12 month rental repayment history (there are some exceptions).
  • Confirm the commencement date of tenancy.
  • Be on a letterhead with the company details of the property manager.

Do you need help with your home loan?

Please complete our free assessment form or call us on 1300 889 743 if you need the services of a mortgage broker to help you get your home loan approved with your rental payments as proof of your ability to pay off a home loan.