Last Updated: 15th December, 2021


The data below is for June 2021. It will be updated once information is available.

The best way to stay at the forefront of the Australian home loan market is to know the current market trends, including the average home loan amount. Finding out how much people are borrowing gives home buyers a guide to the amount they should be aiming at as well.

What Is The Current Average Home Loan Amount In Australia?

During June 2021, the total value of owner-occupier home loans written in Australia was $22.86 billion, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data showed. The average Australian home loan was $555,964. If we look at first home buyers, the average loan amount was $453,579 for the same month. These numbers are highly affected by the property values in the specific Australian state or city where you are planning to buy a home. For clarity, use Home Loan Experts’ home loan repayment calculator to calculate monthly repayments based on average figures.

Average Home Loan Amount By Type

The highest percentage increase in home loan values was for first home buyers, at 1.6%. First home buyers frequently show the fastest rate of growth in home loan value. These figures are only average numbers based on the recordings of one month; however,they can be a guide to what can be expected from the property market around the country in the near future.

Average Loan Amount By Property Type, June 2021

Property Type Average Loan Amount* Monthly Increase
Buying Existing Properties $578,335 0.7%
Buying A New Home $544,325 1.6%
Building A New Home $455,331 0.5%
Source: Canstar, Australian Bureau of Statistics (June 2021) *New loan commitments for home buyers only (excluding loans for land or alterations).

Average Home Loan Amount by State

New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory recorded the largest average home loan amounts in July. Northern Territory and South Australia recorded the lowest. Australia’s less-populated states are more affordable, but prices have also crept up all over, during the 2020-21 boom. The affordability of these states has seemed to highly impact their respective averages. Skyrocketing house prices in Sydney and Melbourne boosted the state averages in NSW and Victoria, respectively.

Average New Owner-Occupier Home Loan Size By State

State Previously occupied home Newly built New construction
Australian Capital Territory $593,204 $471,429 $533,663
New South Wales $752,490 $667,846 $525,456
Northern Territory $372,378 $230,000 $380,000
Queensland $467,316 $441,266 $478,984
South Australia $404,807 $400,000 $378,718
Tasmania $376,726 $362,791 $419,310
Victoria $608,958 $545,761 $455,783
Western Australia $437,650 $442,373 $405,627

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