Summary: Can I refinance my existing home loans and release equity to use for investments or renovations?

Details Description
Customer Mr. Jake Gilbert and Ms. Penelope Gilbert
Mortgage broker Romy Dhungana
Purpose To refinance existing mortgage and access equity for future investment purposes.
Loan amount $6.4 million
Security $20.6 million
LVR (Term) Property 1: LVR = 50% Property 2: LVR = 63.20% Property 3: LVR = 56.32% Property 4: LVR = 35.33%
Income Combined annual income of $2.3 million (including investment returns and bonuses)

The Backstory

Mr Jake Gilbert and Ms Penelope Gilbert are a hardworking couple who have a knack for property investments. Together, they earn $2.3 million each year, which includes their investments and bonuses, putting them among the top earners in their field. What sets the Gilberts apart is not just their impressive income but also their wealth of industry experience. Both individuals have achieved professional success and have amassed substantial financial assets over the years. They have also managed to keep the Loan-to-Value Ratios (LVR) on these homes at impressively low levels. Their credit history is squeaky clean, and they’ve always been good with their money. They even set aside $7,000 every month to make sure their two 14-year-old kids get a great education. They’ve thought ahead and saved up enough to cover their kids’ education until they’re financially independent – that’s some serious planning! But the Gilberts aren’t stopping here. They want to make their financial situation even better. Their next move is to refinance their mortgage and use the equity release for more smart investments. With their solid financial history and big income, it seemed almost certain they would get the green light.

A Challenge

Despite their substantial advantages, however, the Gilberts encountered a challenge when pursuing loan refinancing and harnessing equity for future investments. The clients required a cashout to support extensive renovations on their Vaucluse home. Their preference for immediate access to funds, as opposed to the conventional construction loan with progress payment drawdowns, presented a distinct obstacle.


Enter Romy Dhungana – not just a financial expert but a true dream-weaver with an impressive web of connections in the world of lending and an extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. With a strategic mindset, he set out to help the Gilberts. Romy had a chat with the Gilberts to figure out their financial situation and their needs. He reached out to different lenders and checked out all the deals they had. He compared home loan packages to find the best offer on interest rates. Then, he explained everything to the Gilberts so they could pick the right one. Once the Gilberts chose a lender, he made sure everything was set up correctly. The result? A resounding success. Romy’s efforts yielded remarkable results, securing the full $6.4 million loan, surpassing the clients’ expectations, and filling them with pure elation.

We Can Help You Release Equity!

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