Summary: Can I Refinance My Home Loan With Less Than 3% Buffer Rate?

Details Description
Customer Lucas and Julie Hague
Broker Jenish Manandhar
Purpose To refinance investment property and owner-occupied property
Loan Amount Investment property: $483,600
Owner-occupied property: $819,200
Security $1,025,000 (Investment property)
$630,000 (Owner-occupied property)
LVR (Term) Investment property: 76.76%
Owner-occupied: 79.92%
Interest Rate Owner-occupied: 6.29%, 30 years
Investment: 6.44%, 30 years
Income $80,739 (MA) + $136,700 (FA)

Building A Secure Future

Lucas and Julie Hague work hard to support their family. Lucas is a full-time spray painter, and Julie is a part-time nurse. They’ve built a good life, but their home and investment loans could be better.

Lucas and Julie want to refinance their loans to get lower interest rates. This would save them money each month and allow them to borrow more if needed.

They’re looking for a lender with flexible options who understands their situation. Refinancing would free up money for their kids’ education, fun family experiences, and unexpected costs.

The Buffer Barrier

Lucas’ annual salary of $80,739 and Julie’s nursing income of $136,700 from two part-time jobs made them appear financially stable. Adding their $36,400 yearly rental income, they felt confident about securing a better interest rate. Their loan-to-value ratio (LVR) was below 80% for both loans, and they had a spotless credit history with no missed payments in the last year. Everything seemed to be in their favour.

However, they encountered a common hurdle: The 3-percentage-point serviceability buffer applied by many lenders. This buffer assesses a borrower’s ability to manage repayments by factoring in a hypothetical 3-point increase in interest rates. With this buffer in place, Lucas’ borrowing capacity was capped between $900,000 and $1 million. This restriction limited their refinancing goals and left them feeling frustrated.

Innovative Solutions

The 3-point serviceability buffer threatened to stall Lucas and Julie Hague’s refinancing dreams. However, Home Loan Experts’ mortgage broker, Jenish Manandhar, stepped in with a keen eye and a solution.

After a thorough assessment of Lucas and Julie’s situation, Jenish identified lenders offering a borrower-friendly 1-point buffer. While the criteria were strict, the Hagues’ strong financial standing – an LVR below 80%, loans older than 12 months, and a clean credit history – made them perfect candidates. Jenish’s expertise in staying updated with lender policies and his extensive lender network unlocked this valuable option.

With the 1-point buffer rate option, the Hagues’ borrowing power skyrocketed from between $900k and $1 million to a staggering $1.4 million. For their investment property valued at $483,600, their loan rate fell from 7% to 6.44%, saving them $73,800. Similarly, for their owner-occupied property valued at $819,200, their loan rate decreased from 6.44% to 6.29%, resulting in $77,760 in savings over the loan term. To further improve cash flow, Jenish recommended extending the loan term from 26 to 30 years.

Thanks to Jenish’s innovative approach, the Hagues successfully refinanced, achieving financial stability, more investment opportunities, and the peace of mind of a secure future.

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