Last Updated: 5th January, 2022

The following client story shows the expertise of Mortgage Brokers to challenge the valuation of the valuer by using different lenders to do valuation on the same property.


Details Description
Customers Dhawal Dimdu and Jennie Ghising
Mortgage Broker Ajar Rajbhandari
Purpose The couple was looking to purchase their first home with 90% LVR LMI waived for an accountant at the lowest rate.
Loan Amount $643,427
Security Pre-approval and PP: $725,000
LVR (Loan to value ratio) 90% waived LMI
Interest Rate 3.10% p.a.
Problem The cost of the property vs the lender’s valuation was significantly different.
Solution The broker requested secondary valuation from multiple lenders. He challenged the valuer to decrease the cost of the property.
Takeaways Mortgage brokers at Home Loan Experts can use their expertise to challenge valuation reports by asking for valuation from different lenders.


Dhawal Dimdu and Jennie Ghising were married in an extravagant wedding ceremony. Together they dreamed of living in a suburb, where trees swayed violently dispersing cool air all summer long.

As they were on a hunt to find their first home, they came across a property with mid-victorian architecture.The property beamed with magic and welcomed them from the open door to the wide hallway.

The house was made of brick and pitched roof. It was floored with an old-fashioned parquet and the walls had rose-coloured wallpaper.

It soothed their soul and as they were walking out on the marble path that led to the house, they knew that the house was calling their name.

Initial Inquiry

Dhawal worked as an accountant and made $109,593 p.a. On the other hand, Jennie worked as a nursing assistant and earned $41,350 p.a.

The couple was looking to purchase their first home with 90% LVR LMI waived for an accountant at the lowest rate.

Through the referral of a friend, who was also a customer, they got in contact with Home Loan Experts. Immediately, they were assigned to work with one of the mortgage brokers, Ajar Rajbhandari.

Ajar reviewed 3 months’ statements of the clients and discussed with them. He wrote an email to the lender, asking for approval as the clients had a stable career history, clear credit, and minimal personal debt.

A Quiet Sorrow

When you apply for a home loan, most banks require property valuation by a professional valuer. In some cases, lenders carry out the valuation process themselves. However, sometimes the bank valuation can be challenged.

According to Australia’s leading property valuers, challenging a valuation has less than a 5% success rate.

The main issue turned out to be the property valuation. Dhawal and Jennie had an agreement of purchase price at $727,000 but the valuation done by the lender came lower at $695,000.

Ajar checked into other lenders and requested valuation but they came even lower than $695,000.

The lack of comparable sales in the last 6 months was the main reason for poor bank valuation. The property wasn’t located in a desirable area as well.


Ajar got comparable sales and challenged the valuation of the property agent.

Normally, valuation costs $300 to $600 but we at Home Loan Experts have excellent rapport with lenders and can get free valuations done for our customers.

Hence, the couple saved a fortune by having Ajar as their mortgage broker.

After a week full of feud; knock down and drag out – the valuer finally made up his mind to amend the price on the valuation because of the lower price of lender’s valuation.

In the end, the contract was amended to $715,000. The client was able to re-negotiate the purchase price as well.

The lender’s valuation price was $695,000. Then, Ajar requested for the approval of the lender because he knew that the lender would approve 90% LVR on $695,000. Around $90,000 of the remaining funds had to be paid off by the borrowers themselves.

The lender would only lend on the amount that was lower whether it was the valuation price or contract price.

If the valuation had remained as it was, the couple could only get 90% of $695,000 which is about $625,000. The rest would have to be their own money for the other remaining funds such as stamp duty. The couple would need to pay more than $120,000 extra.

After challenging the valuation, and also getting the valuer to decrease the property cost, Ajar was able to settle the loan amount of $643,000 at 90% LVR for his customers.

He was also able to get a competitive interest rate of 3.10% for the couple.

Golden Rays

Dhawal Dimdu and Jennie Ghising jumped for joy when their home loan was settled.

They were grateful to Ajar for his exceptional skills to make the process seem much smoother from the start to end, and even left a glowing review for Ajar.

Dhawal’s testimony: Ajar, Avinove and team were just exceptional. Firstly, they provided with the best interest rates with the top bank and followed that up with smooth processing of loan approvals and processes well ahead of time. The communication was top notch. Can’t thank them enough. Very happy and pleased with the service. Thanks team.

Are you having trouble with your valuation?

Our mortgage brokers are experts at finding you a perfect solution when it comes to property valuation. If there’s a way to win a valuation challenge, with their incredible industry expertise, they will be able to assist you with it.

The best part of working with us is that you don’t need to spend a dime on ordering extra valuations for comparables. We are able to do it for you without charging you any cost.

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