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Note: We are only accepting applications for business loans with a minimum deposit of 50%. We apologise for the inconvenience.

People usually opt for a fixed-rate business loan to get a competitive interest rate for as long as possible. Business loan interest rates are negotiated in a different format from a traditional loan, so it can sometimes be difficult to qualify for a competitive rate. By locking in your rates, you can enjoy the security of a fixed payment, especially if you qualify for a competitive interest rate until the fixed term ends.

What Is A Fixed-Rate Business Loan?

Business loan interest rates depend on many things, such as the amount you’re looking to borrow and the strength of your application.

Generally, borrowers can lock in their business loan interest rates for up to five years. Some lenders can even consider a longer term if you have a strong application.

Fixing your rates means they won’t change during the fixed term, even if the interest rates in the market fluctuate in the future. For example, if you have a loan for $700,000 and you fix your loan at 4.75% for five years, then your monthly fixed repayments will be $1,565. This means that you’ll pay $1,565 on your loan each month, regardless of whether interest rates go up or down.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Generally, your borrowing power depends on the lender you’re applying with, the loan product and how they assess your application.

Typically, with a business loan, you can borrow from $250,000 to anywhere up to $50,000,000. Please note that loans over $5 million are assessed more strictly. A fixed-rate business loan provides you with the security of fixed repayments and protects you from the risk of an interest rate rise.

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How Long Is The Fixed Term?

The fixed term on a fixed-rate business loan is usually one to five years long. During this period, the interest rate on the business loan doesn’t change, even if the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) cash rate fluctuates.

After the fixed term ends, the loan reverts back to a variable interest rate.

Can I Extend The Fixed Term?

Some lenders can extend the length of the fixed rate term up to another five years. However, this depends on your situation and your repayment history during the previous fixed rate period.

What features can I get?

A fixed rate business loan offers almost all home loan features. After assessing your loan needs, you can consider business loan features, such as:

  • Overdraft facility: Most lenders allow you to have an overdraft facility as long as you have an acceptable property as security. Your credit score will also require an assessment before you are granted this facility.
  • Interest only:You may be able to get an interest-only feature for up to five years. However, remember that although you only pay interest during the interest-only term, you’re not paying off the actual mortgage.
  • Line of credit (LOC): Some lenders allow you to get a line of credit, provided that you can prove that you’re a low risk applicant. You can get a very high limit, even up to a million dollars or more, depending on your application and the lender.Depending on your application and the lender, you can get a very high limit, even up to a million dollars or more.
  • Redraw facility: You can get a redraw facility as long as you meet the lender’s requirements. A redraw facility allows you to draw any additional funds that you have paid in advance.
  • Offset account: You can get a 100% offset account which can help you pay off your loan sooner. It can also help you save on interest expenses.

Keep in mind that some lenders may not offer certain features. You may also be charged a fee for some of these features, so applying with the right lender is essential.

Who Is A Business Fixed-Rate Loan Suitable For?

The National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act doesn’t regulate business loans. This means you may be able to find lenders that are more flexible with their policies. You’ll still need a strong application, as lenders are more conservative towards businesses because of the high risk involved. You may be more likely to qualify if you have a strong existing business operating within a lower-risk industry. Business loans are assessed on a case-by-case basis, meaning there are no set guidelines to qualify for them.

Typically, lenders consider several things, such as:

  • How much money you put into the deal.
  • Your business experience.
  • The type of business.
  • Your security property.

A fixed-rate business loan lets you have the certainty of fixed monthly repayments at a competitive rate, at least until the fixed term ends.

You shouldn’t fix your interest rate if you’re planning to:

  • Sell the business or property.
  • Make large lump sum repayments.
  • Switch lenders or look for another business loan anytime soon.
Note: This is general information only. We advise you to seek independent advice from a legal professional adviser before you decide to finance your business.

Can I Refinance A Business Loan?

Yes, some lenders allow you to refinance a business loan to another lender. Refinancing your business loan to another lender with a more competitive interest rate can help you save thousands of dollars. However, you can lose money if you go in without a plan beforehand. It can be fairly easy to refinance a business. Check out the Refinance A Business Loan page to learn more about the business loan refinancing process.

Where Can I Get A Great Deal?

Usually, lenders don’t advertise their best rates, especially when considering business loans, as each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The interest rate for the loan is usually negotiated based on the loan size, the lender and the strength of your application. This can make it difficult to shop around for a great interest rate. However, we’ve made this easier by publishing the most competitive rates from our panel of almost 40 lenders.

Check out the business loan interest rate page to find the best fixed rates as well as the best variable rates available.

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