Coronavirus Plan For Your Family

Published by Otto Dargan on March 17, 2020

We need to act now!

It’s clear that the government’s response has been insufficient and that we’re going to face significant health, social and economic disasters.

By acting now you can reduce the impact of coronavirus on your family and society.

You should work on the assumption that you and everyone outside of your immediate family are already infected as the coronavirus is contagious before any symptoms become apparent.

The statistics are delayed by up to a week as it takes time to fall sick, get tested and get the results back. They also underestimate the number of cases as many people don’t feel ill or don’t get tested.

We have bushfire plans, but no pandemic plans

Bushfire plans are a simple plan that families in fire-prone areas prepare so that if a fire threatens their home they know what to do.

Instead of panic, they take action. Many lives and homes have been saved by effective bushfire plans.

Create a plan with your family

A good plan is based on good questions that start a discussion about what you would do in certain circumstances.

  • Do we have at least one weeks food supply? (Note that supermarkets are unlikely to close in a lockdown)
  • Which essential medications are we taking now that may be unavailable?
  • How will we look after children in the event their school closes?
  • Who is a higher risk in our family (hypertension, respiratory illness, immune-compromised & elderly)
  • How will we isolate high risk family members?
  • What will we do if someone in our family is sick?
  • How will we isolate sick family members?
  • How can we convince our employer to allow us to work from home?
  • What will we do if our income is affected?
  • How will we have fun and socialise while maintaining social isolation?

Your plan should be written down and referred to in the event that a family member falls ill.

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