Last Updated: 31st May, 2021

Home Loan Experts is always looking to recruit intelligent individuals with a mortgage background and a passion for property.

Why join us?

By becoming a Home Loan Experts mortgage broker, you will receive:

  • Base Salary Role Icon

    A base salary (paid monthly) plus competitive uncapped commissions (paid monthly).

  • Trail Commission Icon

    Trail commissions that build over time.

  • Trail Commission Icon

    50+ leads per month guaranteed.

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    A secure long-term role.

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    Industry-leading training and mentoring.

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Current vacancies

We’re always on the lookout for the right people, however, we currently have a waiting list of people who would like to join our team in the future.

Please feel free to express your interest in joining Home Loan Experts by emailing

I live outside of Sydney or interstate?

However, we only offer positions in Sydney so, if you live elsewhere, check out our list of recommended brokerages currently looking to expand their mortgage broking team with experienced professionals.

What sets Home Loan Experts apart?

Our story

Home Loan Experts is an industry-leading mortgage brokerage based in Sydney and founded in 2006 by two-time ‘Australia’s Bright Broker’ winner Otto Dargan.

Otto started his career in finance at Mortgage House in 2003.

As a mortgage broker, he enjoyed working on the tougher loans that the banks, and even other brokers, didn’t want to deal with.

He quickly realised there was a major gap in the home loan market and he had a dream to help Australians who were being let down.

Since 2006, Otto has built a brokerage with a broad choice of lenders and a team of brokers focused on being credit experts.

What do we do?

As mortgage brokers, it’s not about the loan!

Our role is to help people with their goals or put them in a better financial position.

This includes helping people to stop paying rent and buy their own home, build their investment portfolio, consolidate debt or simply providing free guidance on the home buying process.

We do this by getting them approved for a product that suits their needs, as well as manage the mortgage application to ensure a smooth process.

Essentially, we sit between the bank and the client and on a daily basis:

  • Handle telephone and online enquiries from customers.
  • Assess a client’s financial situation and their suitability for the amount they would like to borrow.
  • Collect documents and submit loan applications on behalf of clients.
  • Make product recommendations based on a client’s eligibility and needs.
  • Manage the application from pre-approval, unconditional approval, all the way to settlement.
  • Liaise with a variety of third parties throughout the process including Business Development Managers (BDMs), credit officers, valuers, accountants, real estate agents, conveyancers and builders.
  • Stay in regular contact with clients after settlement to ensure their mortgage is still working for them.

If you would like to know more about a mortgage broking role at Home Loan Experts, please email

How do we compare to banks and other brokerages?

It’s interesting to note how many brokers we’ve hired that were fed up with the processing inefficiencies at the lender they were working for.

They also felt that they couldn’t truly provide the right solution because they could only offer their own bank’s products and interest rates.

They were losing business because of the narrow choice of products and rates on offer.

Those that came from another brokerage were simply starving for leads.

In other brokerages, it’s not uncommon for brokers to receive no leads at all.

We’ve heard stories of brokers literally racing each other to answer phone calls.

At best, some offices provide around 4-15 per month but, even then, the quality of the leads just isn’t there!

We feel your pain and have answered the call of disenfranchised financial professionals!

Our vision, mission and core business values


  • To be widely-recognised as the leading specialist mortgage broker in Australia.
  • To be a world-class mortgage brokerage with the most knowledgeable brokers in the industry.
  • To continuously innovate to set a new standard for the rest of our industry.
  • To operate completely online and use technology to provide a quick and simple approval.


There are two parts to our mission.

To delight our customers:

  • Giving solutions even if a borrower has been told that their situation is impossible.
  • Keeping it simple so that they can get a quick approval.
  • Providing expert home loan advice so customers can make an informed decision.
  • Earning their trust so that we can be their mortgage broker for life.

To operate ethically for the benefit of society:

We believe the world should be a better place because of our presence.

That’s why we’re focused on:

  • Helping customers who are being let down by the banks.
  • Giving free information and resources on how to buy a home.
  • Giving our staff a fulfilling role with the opportunity for career advancement.
  • Helping young adults who are looking for work experience.
  • Providing ongoing support to offshore aid programs.
  • Promoting good practices and healthy competition within the mortgage industry.

One of the big ways we’re having a positive impact on society is through our HLE Cares program.

We set up HLE Cares with the aim of funding projects that will bring the longest-lasting benefit to the Nepalese community with the limited resources that we have.

Its objectives are to:

  • Sponsor education and shelter for children whose parents cannot afford to do so.
  • Provide better educational facilities for local students.
  • Raise awareness about disability inclusion in society.
  • Encourage staff to engage in volunteer activities.

The fact that the Australian dollar goes a long way in Nepal means we can help more people and have a greater societal impact than we ever could in Australia.

Core business values

  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Ethical Operation
  • Simplicity

Do you share these values?

Keep reading to discover whether Home Loan Experts is the right fit for the next phase in your career.

Alternatively, send your resume and curriculum vitae through to

Earning potential

Mortgage brokerages like to make a lot of empty promises about how much you can earn by joining their company.

Make no mistake: becoming a broker isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

It also isn’t a part time role, although there is the potential to slow down your workload when you’ve built your own business of referrals and repeat customers (usually takes at least 2-3 years).

Here’s the bottom line if you choose to join Home Loan Experts.

Firstly, our mortgage brokers work on a direct employment basis. Find out more about our pay structure.

Having a base income gives you some security as you learn and develop as a broker.

For the first 6-12 months, development and gaining experience is where you will be focusing the majority of your time.

To give you an idea*:

  • First year: You can expect to earn between $70,000 and $85,000 including your base salary of $65,000 plus superannuation.
  • Second year: You can expect to earn $130,000 per annum (including superannuation) in meeting our minimum expectation of $3.4m per month in settlements.
  • Third year and higher: You can expect to earn $320,000 per annum by settling $5.5 million per month.

These figures take into account both upfront and trail commission over the 4-year average life of a home loan.

*These figures only take into account upfront commissions and not trail.

Upfront versus trail commissions

Firstly, when you settle a home loan, you will be paid an upfront commission.

Based on a few major banks, upfront commission rates vary from 0.50% (+GST) to 0.7% (+GST), so for a $1,000,000 loan, you could receive up to $7,000 in upfront commission.

You’ll receive trail commission based on the balance of the loan as long as the loan is paid on time.

In most cases, the trail is 0.15% + GST p.a. paid monthly.

Trail commissions decrease over time as customers pay down their loans or pay them off entirely.

As a general rule, you can expect the trail from your loan book to drop by 1.5% per month.

So if you lent out $1,000,000 in a month, you can expect to earn the following in trail:

  • Year 1: $1,382
  • Year 2: $1,153
  • Year 3: $962
  • Year 4: $802
  • Year 5: $669

On that note, the ‘half-life’ of a trail book is generally around four years.

However, for that one $1,000,000 loan over the first four years, you could earn $11,299 in upfront and trail commission combined.

To give you a better idea of your earning potential, settling $3.5 million a month could see you earn $204,104 per annum.

Settling $5.5 million per month could see you earn $320,734 per annum.

Note that the trail income earned from that year’s work won’t be received in that year.

Also, there can be differences between lenders in the tiered remuneration structure for both upfront and trail commissions.

Check out the mortgage broker commission rates page for more information.

If you would like to know more about becoming a mortgage broker at Home Loan Experts, please email

*We cannot make guarantees on future earnings of upfront and trail commissions. These figures are based on the current commission rates of one major bank as at March 2017.

What it’s like working at Home Loan Experts

Work culture

We have a flexible working culture; young, positive and energetic.

We’re free of the office politics and corporate nonsense that you find at many banks and large brokerages.

Importantly, we’re not a franchise so we’re the captain of our own ship.

Your voice will be heard in an environment with a flat management structure and a supportive team of brokers, broker support, marketing professionals, technical support and administration staff to assist you.

We love our morning coffees, our team lunches and celebrating the outstanding work of our brokerage team and support staff with quarterly awards.

Our Rhodes office is modern, large and state-of-the-art, complete with:

  • High Speed Internet Icon

    High-speed fibre-optic internet.

  • Intel Core Laptop Icon

    Intel Core i5 laptops available for each employee.

  • Client Meeting Room Icon

    Beautifully-designed client meeting rooms.

  • Netflix PS4 Room Icon

    PS4 and Netflix to take some time out during a busy day.

  • Ping Pong Table Icon

    Ping pong table. Yes, we have a ping pong table.

You’re also within walking distance of great cafes and restaurants along Rider Boulevard in Rhodes.

If you want to succeed but don’t want to spend your days in a stuffy corporate environment, send your resume through to

We’re financially stable

It may sound like a moot point but you’d be surprised to know how many brokerages and franchises are in a poor financial position.

Worse still, they won’t tell you!

We have plenty of funds on standby which means you never have to worry about your trail commission being gouged by the business. This happens in other brokerages!

It also means that we’re able to fund extra professional development and courses that you may wish to undertake during your career such as sales training or property investing.

In many cases, we will cover the full cost of these courses because we encourage continuous learning.

We’re completely online and (almost) automated!

Our website

We’re a completely online mortgage brokerage meaning that we can assist borrowers Australia-wide and even overseas.

Our pride and joy is our website, an industry-leading library of free consumer information that generates more than 170,000 visitors a month and great quality leads covering a range of niches (listed below).

We’ve long recognised that the best way to build initial trust with our clients is to be transparent about the home loan process and how banks assess applications.

In fact, many of our current mortgage brokers initially found us through our website!

Automatic leads distribution

The next powerful tool in our arsenal is how leads filter in from the website into our automatic lead distribution system.

In this way, you can turn leads off and on like a tap.

Let’s say you decide to be active on leads on the weekend.

The lead distribution system will assign you the lead so you can contact the client straight away, increasing the chance of conversion.

Conversely, if you have enough in your pipeline or you simply want to take a holiday, you can switch off!

No other brokerage or franchise in Australia offers this luxury!

Client Relationship System (CRM)

After you assess the customer and decide on the most appropriate loan product, new applications are submitted to the lender via our aggregator Connective.

Connective is one of the leading aggregators in the industry, boasting a robust CRM system and excellent commission administration so you’re paid on time and in full.

We can’t fix a lot of the inefficiencies that happen in the bank but we work hard to invest in automated systems, processes and administration to make your day-to-day work easier.

How is our customer value proposition unique?

Our mission is to be the number one specialist mortgage brokerage in Australia and to operate ethically for the benefit of society.

Unlike other brokers out there and even bank staff, we’re credit experts in the truest sense of the word.

This means that customers are calling us because they have a problem and need a solution rather than simply wanting a cheap interest rate.

These niche areas include:

We’re able to provide these solutions due to our expertise in credit and knowledge of ever-changing lending policies.

We also have strong lender relationships and access to non-conforming lenders, allowing us to take advantage of non-standard policies.

By moving beyond vanilla loans (we still do this!), we’re running a different race to the big banks.

As part of our service offering, we:

  • Have nearly 40 lenders to choose from including the big four banks, major lenders, and non-conformers.
  • Regularly get approved for policy exceptions.
  • Regularly get 4-hour approvals.
  • Provide most of our services for free but offer guidance to our brokers on appropriate brokerage fees to charge for complex situations or small loans.
  • Provide an all-automated “prepare to buy” program for people who don’t currently qualify for a home loan meaning we’re nurturing potential future leads.
  • Have mortgage brokers in Nepal that can handle loans under $300,000 so you can spend more time on high pay off loans and building referrals. More on our support team.

Our pay structure

Our brokers operate on a PAYG model

Being a mortgage broker can be financially stressful, particularly in the first couple of years.

That’s why our brokers receive a base salary to provide a level of financial security.

This comes in handy when you need to take some time off for personal reasons or you just have a bad month.

New brokers receive the following remuneration:

  • $65,000 base plus superannuation.
  • 45% of upfront and trail commission as a running total including super.

If your upfront and trail commission for the month is $10,000, the commission paid will be around $4,583.33.

Keep in mind:

  • Commission must exceed your base income for a payment to be made.
  • In some cases, adjustments may be made to your commission where expenses come into play.
  • There is no limit on commission (uncapped).
  • Trail can continue after you leave in some cases.

In the first year, you can expect to earn between $70,000 and $80,000 (including PAYG salary plus superannuation and average settlement volume for new brokers).

As you continue to develop and gain more experience, settling $3.5 million a month could see you earn $204,104 per annum.

Settling $5.5 million per month could see you earn $320,734 per annum.

Read the mortgage broker commission rates page to get a better idea of how a broker gets paid.

You still get flexible work hours!

Even though you’re employed on a full-time basis, we recognise that people choose to become brokers because of the work/life balance on offer.

That’s why we offer a flexible working environment for our brokers:

  • Work hours are between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Thursday is a flex day.
  • If you’re on budget, there is the opportunity for even more flexibility.
  • If you’re not on budget, standard work hours apply (9:00 am to 5:00 pm).
  • Further negotiation can be made based on family or health needs.

Do you have what it takes?

Minimum pre-requisites

In order to apply for a mortgage broking role with Home Loan Experts, you need to meet the following minimum standards:

  • A clear criminal record and credit file.
  • You need to be able to speak and write in fluent English.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Stable employment history (no job-hopping).
  • Solid in maths and score at least 14/18 (77%) in our preliminary skills test.
  • Basic computer skills.

Highly desirable

Australian mortgage experience

We would prefer applicants with at least 2 years Australian mortgage experience.

To be specific, this includes professionals that have actually worked with mortgages such as:

  • Support or back office staff working on the paperwork for home loan approvals.
  • BDMs that have worked with the third party/mortgage broker network.
  • Credit officers.
  • Banking sales officers.
  • Mortgage brokers.

This doesn’t include:

  • Applicants who have worked in the overseas mortgage or banking market.
  • Applications who have worked in data analysis.

Property investors

If you have both Australian mortgage experience and you’re interested in property investing, you’ll have an ever better chance of proceeding with your application.

Specifically, you need to have a university degree related to property such as a Bachelor of Property and Real Estate or a Master of Real Estate Investment.

As such, we will certainly consider university graduates for a mortgage broking role.

You don’t necessarily have to be investing in property or have a portfolio.

Bear in mind that if your background is in property investing only and you have no Australian mortgage experience, you have to be an excellent candidate overall to be considered for a role.

Attitude is everything!

Did you know that it generally takes 5 years of hard work to become a great broker?

This is important to understand because we only hire candidates that fit a certain mould of experience and attitude.

Some of these attributes include being a quick learner, highly-driven, willing to work long hours, having a passion for helping others, as well as the fortitude to handle rejection.

You also need to be highly organised and have an impeccable attention to detail because mistakes can be costly to our customers and our brokerage.

Above all, having the right attitude is key.

You only get out what you put into training, professional development, networking and developing relationships with customers and the key decision-makers at the bank.

Our performance benchmarks

Once you are fully trained and have some experience under your belt, it’s expected that you will submit $6 million and settle $3.4 million per month.

Typically, this takes around 12 months to achieve since the first year will see you working and training hard with our in-house trainer as well as our senior brokers.

As long you’re hitting these targets, being a mortgage broker with Home Loan Experts offers a lot of flexibility and the sky’s the limit on your earning potential.

Of our brokers, we expect:

Why a 5-year commitment?

Home Loan Experts owns the customer database you will receive leads from.

You will be given a company mobile for business purposes.

We’re not interested in working with brokers who later want to leave and compete against us.

We’ve found that after 5 years, our senior mortgage brokers have been able to build an amazing income and lifestyle.

The goal we encourage all of our mortgage brokers to work towards is to build your own customer database using leads and then work by referral.

If you cannot commit to 5 years or live our values then don’t apply.

Think you’re up for the challenge of an exciting career?

Apply for a mortgage broking role by sending your resume through to

We’re always on the look-out for the right candidate!

Career path

Once you have been trained and we think you’re ready to hit the floor, we’ll start you off specialising in a specific niche area as a junior mortgage broker.

For example, it could be dealing with borrowers with no deposit, non-residents or people with a bad credit history.

The goal is for you to gain enough experience to become an expert in your area.

Once we feel you have achieved this, you can move on to more profitable leads such as doctors, investors and high net worth individuals as a senior broker.

It usually takes about 2-3 years to become a senior broker at Home Loan Experts.

How do we beat the competition?

We’re a multi-award winner and respected in the industry

Awards Image

Don’t just take our word for it!

We’re the winner of a number of industry and consumer awards including:

  • 2016 winner ‘Best Customer Service (Office)’ – Australian Broking Awards
  • 2016 ‘Top 25 Brokerage’ – The Adviser
  • 2015 ‘Major Brokerage of the Year Non-Franchise’ – Australian Broking Awards
  • 2015 ‘Innovator of the Year’ – Australian Broking Awards
  • 2015 ‘Employer of Choice’ – Human Resources Director (HRD) magazine
  • 2015 winner ‘Best Customer Service – Office’ – Better Business Awards

Our company name and our managing director Otto Dargan appear regularly in leading mainstream news and industry publications including:

In Media Logos
  • ABC
  • Adelaide Now
  • The Adviser
  • The Australian
  • Australian Financial Review
  • The Courier Mail
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Herald Sun
  • Mortgage Professional Australia
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The West Australian

Read more about Home Loan Experts in the media.

We have special status with several lenders

Because of the number and quality of loans that we write, we’ve achieved the highest level of segmentation with several lenders

This includes:

  • ‘Diamond Broker’ with the Commonwealth Bank.
  • ‘Flame Broker’ with St George.
  • ‘Advantage Plus Broker’ with Westpac.
  • ‘Four Star’ broker with National Australia Bank.

Because of our status, we’re able to request policy exemptions, significant interest rate discounts and faster turnaround times on the applications we submit.

We can even order free upfront valuations with 11 lenders.

That if your client’s property comes in under value, it’s not game over for their application!

We can simply take it to a lender that will value the property more favourably.

Clever marketing means great leads

As an online business, we focus our efforts on marketing strategies that will provide the biggest bang for our buck.

As previously mentioned, the main way we generate leads is through our industry-leading website.

These leads are essentially free.

The second way we do this is through paid advertising, which is targeted, like a laser beam, to specific niches.

In this way, we maximise the number of qualified leads we generate and filter out the rest.

We have a dedicated in-house marketing and technology team that implements and monitors these advertising and marketing campaigns.

We have our advertising so precise that we can turn leads on and off like a tap.

What that means for you is that each broker receives around 50-80 high-quality leads per month.

Through our in-house marketing efforts, you can focus on what you do best: working with customers and getting loans approved.

Industry-leading processes and systems

Unlike other brokerages, we embrace technology that enables brokers to do their job better with less stress and time-wasting. Wasted time means wasted opportunities.

As any self-employed broker will tell you, IT problems always get in the way of doing business.

You’re tied up fixing IT issues yourself, costing you time and money.

Our processes and systems have been built over more than a decade and leveraged by continued investment in technology.

These systems include:

  • Our custom 20-second ad to increase your conversion and phone script.
  • An automated lead distribution system that means leads are contacted immediately.
  • An unrestricted lender panel including Rams, RedZed, Qudos and Liberty.
  • FHB seminars which attract between 60-100 attendees on average.
  • A website that’s designed to sell and bolster our already strong brand through professionally-written content that provides guidance and tools for homebuyers.
  • Manuals and a broker manual wiki so brokers and support know exactly the steps to follow for sales, assessing a deal and meeting compliance requirements.
  • Lending policy matrix, or what we like to call our HLE Niche Cheat Sheet, which allows you to quickly assess deals and choose the right lender.
  • In-house IT security and ongoing technical and marketing support.
  • A powerful CRM provided by Connective, allowing us to meet compliance requirements and make the mortgage application process simple.

Our support team gives us people power!

One of the unique benefits of Home Loan Experts is our support team.

We have a team of more than 30 broker support staff based in our offices in Nepal.

The majority of the team is made up of loan processors while the rest of the team is involved in data entry, valuations, compliance and follow-ups.

We even have a post-settlement team that handles annual reviews, refixing loans, interest only extensions, facilitating construction progress payments, repricing and more.

All up we have four workflow teams and full-time trainer!

Our Nepalese staff are fully-trained and highly-educated (most are MBA graduates!) which means they can handle most of the admin tasks required for loan submission and settlement.

With other brokerages, half your time is spent on First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) applications, discharge requests, ApplyOnline and settlement issues.

With us, you can focus on the high payoff activities that you do best: assessing deals, finding loan solutions and building great relationships with your clients.

We’re continually refining the home loan application process to automate tasks or delegate to Nepal where we need to.

We work with one of Australia’s largest aggregators

Connective provide us with an award-winning CRM platform called Mercury.

More than that, they help us to keep doing business through training and compliance support.

They are continually investing in technology and tools to help us navigate the legislative red tape and the administration nightmare of some banks.

Some of the ways they support us include:

  • A compliance helpdesk.
  • Comprehensive training and professional development days including online.
  • One-click documentation.
  • Communication to keep you regularly informed of legislative changes.

You can find more about Connective’s compliance support on their website.

Getting started at Home Loan Experts

Getting your diploma

As a member of the FBAA and Connective, we require you to complete a Certificate IV Finance and Mortgage Broking.

You’ll need to have this prior to commencing your role.

This requirement is less stringent than the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), which requires you to have Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management [FNS50315] as a minimum.

What that means for you is that you can get started working as a broker much sooner!

How long does the course take?

You’ll save up to 6 months by just having to complete the Cert IV rather than having to complete the Diploma on top of that.

The course involves a 3-day workshop delivered in a small group.

During this time you’ll be guided through the learning material by the trainer.

After the workshop, the Cert IV course is designed so you can complete the required assessments at home.

Most people complete the Cert IV in way under 6 months!

What are the costs?

You will have to cover the cost of each course, although we get a discount through the National Finance Institute (NFI).

The current cost of the Cert IV with NFI is $1,295.

Your training doesn’t stop there!

Unlike other brokerages and franchises out there, you won’t be thrown in the deep-end and you will learn from top brokers.

When you sign up to Home Loan Experts, you’ll be put through an intensive 3-week training course with our experienced in-house broker team trainer.

Our trainer has worked at 10 different banks as a credit officer.

He was the key decision-maker approving and declining loans so he knows exactly what banks are looking for in an application.

The initial training is supported through our custom-made Learning Management System (LMS) which breaks up the coursework into micro chapters and allows you to revisit modules at a later time.

Our training program involves:

  • Basic and advanced credit in both residential and commercial lending.
  • An explanation of our top niches.
  • Tips on selling and following a sales script (our “20-second ad”).
  • How to handle objections.
  • Building rapport.

After the initial training is complete, you will continue to receive close support and mentoring from our trainer as well as our two broker team managers.

Incidentally, this covers FBAA’s 2-year mentoring requirement for new brokers.

Following initial training and rigorous exams, new recruits will handle specific niches during the first year and a half of their career.

In this way, it makes it easier for you to ease into the role.

Typically, you will handle:

  • High LVR loans for the first 6 months (low deposit, no deposit and guarantor loans).
  • Bad credit and low doc loans from month 7 to month 12.
  • Unusual property types from month 13 to month 18.

We want to see you succeed!

Become an FBAA member

Another step in starting your broking career at Home Loan Experts is to become a member of the Finance Brokers Assocaition of Australia.

You need to join the FBAA prior to commencing your role and membership will be at your own cost.

You firstly need to complete the FBAA Application form and pay the membership and application fee at a total cost of $530.

You don’t need EDR membership!

In order to practice as a mortgage broker, you need to be a member of an External Dispute Resolution (EDR) scheme.

Luckily for you, we’re already a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) meaning that you’ll be added to our membership.

With the AFCA, the $350 upfront for an ACL holder plus $140 per year.

For you to join Home Loan Experts, it’s free.

You don’t need PI insurance and public liability insurance!

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI insurance) and public liability insurance can cost you thousands of dollars every year.

It’s also a requirement for all mortgage brokers.

However, by joining Home Loan Experts, you can avoid this cost by simply be added to our insurance policy!

To give you some idea of how much you’ll save, ASIC requires mortgage brokers to have a minimum of $2 million in aggregate and $1 million per claim of PI cover.

So what are the total costs of joining Home Loan Experts?

Including $290 per month (if you choose to park in our building in Rhodes), the total cost to set up is around $2,500 and then $400 each year after that.

But we could easily charge as much as $80,000 as a franchise fee to join our brokerage.

That’s because apart from AFCA membership and insurance, each new broker receives:

  • A guaranteed 50-80 leads per month at $54,000 p.a.
  • Support staff at $48,000 p.a.
  • Training valued at more than $20,000.
  • Systems valued at more than $20,000.

Total: That works out to be a total investment of $142,000 in 1 year alone, not including your $65,000 base salary.

At Home Loan Experts, we don’t make empty promises and recognise the power of training, strong systems, support and automation.

Please send your resume and curriculum vitae to

If your application is successful, we’ll invite you to spend a day in our office and see if this is the right role for you.

Clarity Home Loans (Canberra)

Clarity Home Loans is a Canberra-based, multi-award winning, locally-owned brokerage which has produced some of the nation’s most successful brokers through its training and mentoring program.

Brokers who join Clarity undergo an extensive training regime combining both on-the-job exposure to real life scenarios and off-the-job theoretical, ethical and compliance training delivered by brokers with a minimum of 10 years experience.

Their training program is industry-leading and is the reason why many of their brokers settle more than double the industry average.

Their brokers are paid a base salary and bonuses with the bonuses being the same regardless of the lender that is chosen.

This income structure provides Clarity with a valuable point of difference to our clients as they know that there is no direct financial benefit to the broker if they are placed at one lender instead of another.

Like Home Loan Experts, Clarity Financial are a vibrant, growing business with an amazing office space, huge depth of experience and a truly supportive culture.

Property Planning Australia (Melbourne)

Property Planning Australia (PPA) is Australia’s leading specialist in providing fiercely-independent property advice and personal mortgage strategy.

Founded by managing director David Johnston in 2004, PPA has a vision to educate and empower Australian’s to make superior property, finance and money management decisions.

All products and services are supported by the four pillars of property education, mortgage strategy, money management and risk management.

With clients Australia-wide, Property Planning Australia assists time-poor professional through all stages of life, including first home buyers, upgraders, investors, seasoned investors and downsizers on the journey to creating their ideal lifestyle

PPA has won many prestigious industry awards spanning more than a decade.

Our recognition for customer service takes pride of place in the trophy cabinet, including awards from the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) over the past two years.