Last Updated: 1st September, 2021

Non-Resident Mortgage Calculator

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This calculator is designed to work out if you are eligible for an Australian mortgage to purchase or refinance real estate in Australia. It will check your situation against the policy of four major Australian lenders that we commonly recommend for non-resident loans.

Essential tips for non-resident borrowers

  • Reduce your loan amount: If all of the lenders are giving a “declined” result then it may be because you are borrowing a high percentage of the property value.
  • Have genuine savings: Australian lenders prefer to see that you have saved at least 5% of the purchase price. These funds must have been held in your account for three months or saved up over more than three months.
  • Ask us for help: Our mortgage brokers are experts in non-resident lending. Please call us on 1300 889 743 or enquire online and we can let you know if you are eligible for a home loan.

Please note that there are some hidden catches in bank policies that are not taken into account by this calculator. For example, Australian banks will not lend to residents of some specific countries due to potential tax issues.

The banks also assess different types of temporary residents (457 visa / 820 visa etc) in different ways or people who are applying as a couple with someone who is an Australian citizen.